Never seen a bigger bunch of whiners

Gwen Berry

I’m just sick of this shit. I’m sorry we had slavery. Can’t change that. It happened. How many more generations? How much longer we got to go? You’re given every opportunity, you go through school without even the expectation you’ll speak correct English, you do all that training to get to the Olympics, just so you can piss on America?

Damn. Then it hit me this morning. We could have reparations. We could pay them all a million dollars. We could give them all a free house. We could give them a free bucket of the Colonel every week. It wouldn’t matter! They’d STILL complain! Fuck ’em. Tired of it. Can’t deal no more with it. I wasn’t one of their precious “racists” before, but I’m getting there.

“Is racism in the room with us right now? Show me on this doll where racism touched you? Is racism behind that tree?”

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