The zombie apocalypse

How could government mind control have improved on this?

Until the day I die I will not understand it. I saw on Breitbart yesterday House members Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan were preparing a plan to fight ‘Big Tech censorship of conservatives! (ha) Why are conservatives even on Twitter and Facebook? That would be a good place to start the “fight”, get off the platforms that want to silence you.

Mr. Donald Trump announces yesterday that he is bringing suit against these platforms. Okay…. the downside to that is it legitimizes those platforms. Personally I quit them. I even quit Gab. The whole “social media” thing seems really antisocial after awhile. On the sites I have been frequenting (FOX, Breitbart, New American, WND), I’ve noticed I’ve been getting attacked lately for the most innocuous comments.

Some of it I’m sure is just your average Joe, but I can’t help but think some of it are paid professionals whose job it is to make your experience unpleasant, giving you pause to come on those sites. I think conservatives own the comments sections of a site (most liberal sites don’t even have a comment section), and they want to change that. As an example, I saw some article yesterday highlighting how American culture is wallowing in the gutter and commented, “I would love to see what America looks like in 50 or a 100 years“, I was attacked for that!

As I have said before though, I find it out the people who lurk about waiting to comment on a comment. I go to comment on the article. I have always kind of vaguely thought that the purpose of a comment section was to give feedback to the author. Today I find that a lot of people view it as a rhetorical battleground in which they fight to the death to destroy another’s opinion, which to me is impossible. I generally don’t even read other people’s comments.

I come from a quasi libertarian school where if that’s what you think good for you. Who am I to try and talk you out of it? I just don’t understand the eternal bickering. You’re not going to change someone else’s mind. You’re just fighting to be fighting. Unless you have some Jedi mind trick up your sleeve I don’t know about, you’re just wasting your breath.

Thank God for the block function.

[I don’t know why Trump had to file a suit against ‘Big Tech’, Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan have grilled them time and again. Every which way. They’ve baked them, broiled them, boiled them, flambĂ© them, poached them, fricasseed them, fried them, how much more could they do to them?? Other than actually pass legislation I mean.]

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