The Third Way

It gets a little frustrating when you can read the stitches on the political spin, and all the 90% see are fastballs and curves. On the FOX News site, where I saw an interesting comment, they are absolutely consumed with the D vs R battle (the game they use to keep everyone distracted). They know the cliches on both sides so well, that a mundane article about the border, quickly turned into a battle of communism versus the American way! (dammit!)

“Get Mad Now” posited that:

1.) You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity

2.) In order to give you must first take

3.) Only so many can ride in the wagon

All true. And as a final statement he made clear that, “Socialism doesn’t work!” (dammit!) But the sad fact is, we don’t have free market capitalism, we have corporatism. Where taxpayers are forever and a day bailing out banks, airlines, cruise ships, car companies, farmers and others. Where the Fed keeps interest rates at 0% interest for 20 plus years so companies can borrow money for nothing and do stock buy backs to enrich themselves and not the company.

And at 0% interest, savers (people) get nothing in return for the bank using their money. And as he said quite correctly that socialism will never work, corporatism only works for the 1%. We need to try the 3rd way, an honest dollar, free markets and get Congress out of corporation’s pockets.

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