Can a Democrat be a Christian?

Wow. I don’t see how. I saw a comment on a article on the FOX site, where the guy was going on with the Republican shtick about “One Nation Under God, blah, blah, blah…” and evil Democrats, and I thought, he’s got a point. True evil exists in the absence of the Holy Spirit. And I don’t see how you can look at what the Democrats openly advocate, and not call it evil.

Killing babies in the womb isn’t good enough for them, the ones that escape and get a little older they want to mutilate under the pretense that a kid who doesn’t know whether or not he wants to go to bed, can decide that the sex assigned him is the wrong one. Like someone said, you can mutilate their body, but that doesn’t change their sex.

Take homosexuality (please), its at the vanguard of Democrats goal to normalize insanity. We can live and let live, we can see that no harm comes to them, but the era of pretending man should lie with man is over. And having government schools promulgate this idea as good, is a misuse of our tax dollars and the child’s valuable time.

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