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If you cruise the typical “conservative” websites you come to a couple of conclusions real quick. A.) They’re not conservative, they’re Republican (if I have to explain the difference, go back to sleep). B.) With our position in Afghanistan falling apart, its all Biden’s fault. C.) An interventionist foreign policy where we are forever at war is now “normal” for people.

Issue A. I believe simply comes down to I.Q. Democrats are retards. Republicans are ‘100’, of average intelligence. They simply don’t possess the mental faculties to ever get to the level of ‘conservative’, beyond party distractions and lies.

Issue B. happens to have blown up on Biden’s watch. Ben Armstrong at The New American thinks its on purpose. No one could actually be that stupid to have handled it as badly as the Biden administration has. Americans think of our military as always having been ‘invincible’, but it really hasn’t. It set itself up to fail at Pearl Harbor. Failed to support Chiang Kai-shek, supported Mao. Lost Korea. Lost Vietnam. Completely failed at the Gulf War by not finishing the job. Failed at the War on Terror by spending more and killing more Americans than we lost on 9/11. And the subsequent restriction of American’s freedoms, but not those of the terrorists.

Issue C. is what it all comes down to. Our Founders did not see us as the Empire we’ve become. We weren’t supposed to be obsessed with the affairs of others. We weren’t supposed to be obsessed with the affairs of government. Following their generation they saw maybe 1 more generation busily involved in the affairs of State, then they saw the life of the American on cruise control. Devoted to cultural pursuits and the goals of commerce. That time period, 1840 or so, directly correlates to the period of a country who had their last war and went on to a future of peace, neutrality and prosperity: Switzerland.

Unfortunately, the tail has been wagging the dog too long here. Eternal war seems to be our future.

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