“Stanford Epidemiologist Studies COVID, Finds It’s Highly Treatable and RARELY a Deadly Disease”

Stanford Epidemiologist Studies COVID, Finds It’s Highly Treatable and RARELY a Deadly Disease

“Early last year, Stanford professor John Ioannidis stated that if we didn’t know a new virus called COVID existed, we might just “have casually noted that flu this season seems to be a bit worse than average.” Now Ioannidis has done research that perhaps vindicates that statement, finding that the corona virus’ infection fatality rate (IFR) in most of the world is less than 0.20 percent — much like that of the flu.” – The New American

I heard a great quip yesterday: “You know how effective Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are by the degree its making the establishment crazy.” The whole things crazy. Hydroxy is a malaria drug that has been used for 70 years and on top of that is used to treat two other diseases. To say its safety is “unknown” is ludicrous. Its had a 70 year ‘trial’.

And the claim that Ivermectin is an “animal drug” is an absurd scare tactic. Of course mammals use many of the same drugs! Ask your local vet next time you take Boo Boo in. Slate.com: “Do doctors and veterinarians use a lot of the same medications? Absolutely.” Of course this article from Slate is from 2011, before medicine was politicized.

[There is now a full-on propaganda campaign against Ivermectin. The FDA is telling people not to take it because it’s “dangerous” and the media is portraying it as horse medicine.
Meanwhile, here are the facts:
-IVM was isolated from soil bacteria in Japan 40 years ago by Dr Satoshi Omura.
-It has been prescribed nearly 4 BILLION times to humans since 1987.
-It has saved millions of lives from parasitic and viral infections.
-Dr. Omura won the Nobel Prize for it in 2015.
-It is listed as one of the WHO’s Essential Medicines.
-It has anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.
-It is safer than aspirin.
-It is easy to get in many countries without a prescription.
-It is 86% effective for prevention and 72% effective for early treatment of C-19 according to real-time meta-analysis of 63 studies.
-The countries that have adopted IVM for prevention and early treatment have seen dramatic drops in C-19 cases and deaths. Look at the charts!
-IVM is off-patent and inexpensive.
-In February 2021 former patent holder Merck said, “there is no meaningful evidence” and “a lack of safety data” on IVM for C-19, according to their company scientists. Um, it’s one of the safest medicines in the world, prescribed 4 billion times over 40 years. Isn’t that enough evidence to use it in an “emergency?”
-In June 2021 Merck secured a 1.2 Billion dollar deal with the US government to test a NEW patented oral drug for C-19 called molnupiravir. Bingo. Follow the money.
-Yes, Ivermectin is sold as a medicine for livestock and is available at farm/feed stores like Tractor Supply, and also on Amazon.
-The reason some people have resorted to taking Ivermectin horse paste is because it is not easy to find a doctor to prescribe it in the U.S. and even if you do, some corporate pharmacy chains are refusing to fill prescriptions (!!!). A few not-so-smart people have been temporarily hospitalized from incorrect dosing of horse paste (major news story), but no deaths have been reported. Meanwhile, there are over 13,000 deaths from those new drugs and the nothing-to-see-here media blackout continues.]

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