Guerrilla attack


“Elder, the Republican front runner in the election that could remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office next week, was hurried out of the Venice area of Los Angeles on Wednesday when the campaign stop turned confrontational near a homeless encampment. He was heckled and the gorilla-masked woman on a bicycle just missed his head with the projectile (luckily she threw like a girl). Elder said some of the hecklers yelled racial epithets. ” – FOX

Isn’t that interesting, absolutely no coverage by the mainstream media. Try for 1 second to imagine if a MAGA Trumper had done this to one of the black communists on the Democrat side?? They’d be talking for weeks about the end of the world as we know it! You wouldn’t be able to get away from the coverage.

The experience I received in a fringe grassroots group gave me a crystal clear understanding of the “domino theory“. 30 years ago a parent in Iowa noted to the newspaper after a school board meeting about the “creeping socialism” in Iowa schools. The Des Moines Register still has fun with that one.

That’s the way liberals work, when they are caught red-handed and don’t feel comfortable yet, they pooh pooh and ridicule the obvious until they’re entrenched, then its, “Well of course we’re this way and if you disagree with us you’re a hater!” (or a ‘denier’, or a ‘conspiracy theorist’) Country club Republicans never wanted to get their hands dirty in the culture war. The Pat Buchanan types and his minions were so uncouth, they didn’t extend their pinky right when taking corporate bribes to show they were part of the club.

The RINO’s answer was always, well sure they have this or that institution, but it would be too difficult to take it back. Besides, all these other institutions (universities, media, foundations, Hollywood) are still free they’d say! Well they’re not anymore. One by one they went down. Communists call it “the long march”. Now even corporate America is ‘woke’. The last connection between RINOs and their money.

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