“Today you have to apologize to every naked savage on the planet because you are more prosperous than they are”

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That Ayn Rand quote (like truth in general) has many layers to it. It really came to mind with the recent events of the Haitian invasion. Then there was just news yesterday that another caravan was headed up from Latin America. I just love those pictures of some fat Central American gal on her cellphone with the caption, “We’re supposed to believe she is starving and walked a 1,000 miles?

Too bad these people wouldn’t fight for their own country, instead of coming here and ruing ours. I’m part of the generation that saw America at its zenith. Not during its ascendancy. Because I saw the peak, I’ll also see the fall. I would be fine with America being an average country, but that’s not what’s going to happen. The crooks at the top will still be trying to wring their graft and corruption out of a bankrupt nation.

Being flooded by another group of 3rd worlders is the symptom, not the problem. Anyone who thinks about it two seconds knows that in all these countries the corrupt 1% at the top have things so locked in favor of themselves, there’s no upward mobility for the poor. And our corrupt 1% keep the doors open to this country, not letting things bubble over in that country, and forcing change there.

Let’s teach them how to fish.

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