“Set your phasers on cancel!”

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The cancel culture is scary business. Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden resigns over emails. Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron is forced out because he didn’t like former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer (above) being put on the show.

The Thought Police are on patrol. Who is pure enough to withstand such intense scrutiny? Individualism sacrificed on the alter of group think. Thought crimes can take anybody down, but its usually those who have offended the Left.

Two of the biggest exceptions were Bergeron and Ellen Degeneres. Usually it happens like it did to Trent Lott when he was forced to resign from the Senate over platitudes he made at a birthday party for the 100 year old Strom Thurmond! Its hard to verbalize my concerns, but as a non-conformist, I just know its terrifying.

Its all part of what I call ‘reverse imperialism’. Like our recently celebrated Columbus Day. Who has recently been dethroned because he interrupted the indigenous people from eating each other in this fairy tale hemisphere. Talk about the true history revisionists.

I read just today when he arrived here the indians gave him slaves, who when he got back to Spain he promptly freed. And that Columbus Day was started to help ease the discrimination against Italian Americans! Yeah, there was a period where they were pretty low on the totem pole.

But what I mean about the reverse imperialism is how we were said to have exploited others by bringing civilization to savages, now they are absolutely flooding western countries and turning them into shitholes. They are bringing us down while building nothing.

Karma? Revenge? It looks like they are going to win in the end. Homosexuals, transvestites, now they’re taking out big tough football types. There’s irony in there somewhere I’m telling you!

When 30 years before the football players made the queer’s life hell in high school, now its their turn. Reminds me of the 80’s movie Revenge of the Nerds. Or back in the day when the perennial doormat Northwestern football team was getting wiped out on any given Saturday, the chant would rise up from the stands, “That’s alright, that’s okay, we’re going to be your boss someday!

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