“Security guard killed protecting bystanders from looters as smash-and-grab crimes rage nationwide”

See the source image

I find this phenomenon just fascinating. Dozens of young black males usually under the age of 35 feel it is just fine to steal. Let me be more accurate, it’s not black people doing this its niggers. Black people don’t behave like that. And in the headline the quote from the FOX News story says “crimes”. That’s really not accurate is it? Many locales have made theft under $1,000 dollars not prosecutable, so how can they be classified as crimes? And it’s not really “nationwide” is it? It’s just in those areas with a sufficient number of young black males under the age of 35. 

One great idea someone had for these stores was for them to go to a ‘membership’ business model. Where in order to shop there you’d have to have joined the buyers club by providing basic background information and a membership card. You could have an unbreachable security door. The other solution of course is to change the law so that the stores can employ husky men with baseball bats to beat the snot out of looters, in a non-lethal way of course. 

Yeah, you can’t shoot shoplifters, but when they introduce crowbars and hammers it becomes armed robbery. And you can shoot them. You have a right to defend yourself against lethal force. Years ago after a school shooting I did a little research for a post and found out there were 6 categories of non-lethal force that could be used to detain a suspect (school shooter). These same tactics could be used on smash-and-grab bandits. But they won’t be. Police and school authorities are incapable of getting beyond a .45 on the hip. Its not “either/or”, its both.

Look at the way police deal with the classic “man with a knife” situation? They shoot them dead, that’s all they know. Weak man, strong man, inebriated man, woman, they treat everyone like its Rambo with a knife and shoot them dead. So in the mean time insurance companies and stores (meaning us) will pay for this lack of imagination and lethargy. Part of it is authorities think they have to come up with the “perfect solution” or nothing. No, try and modify.

I just realized a couple of things looking at the picture. One, this isn’t “shoplifting”. These are robberies. This is the wholesale sacking of a store. Different laws apply. Secondly, these are armed robberies. When they come in swinging crowbars and sledgehammers at guards and shoppers, they are threatening their life or at least grave bodily damage. Once they use weapons, lethal force in response would seem to be an option.

I am so slow sometimes I couldn’t get it out of my head, “You can’t shoot shoplifters!” Before I was able to get it through my head, these aren’t shoplifters these are armed robbers. So yes, it would appear that any mother fucker coming at you with a lethal weapon it would be okay to shoot.

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