Sometimes it is just too good

Now they’ve taken up train robbing! The ports of LA and Newport have been backlogged for a year. Some genius there finally figured out, “Hey maybe we ought to start working 24 hrs?” So they just start getting at some of the backlog, and now the trains are getting ripped off in east LA!

This news crew video taped the whole thing. They showed it to the LA County Sheriff, he had no idea. The entire train tracks are littered for miles with empty boxes, the train tracks look like a landfill, and these clowns knew nothing! The news crew just sat up on a bridge and filmed the whole operation. Broad daylight.

What did the train crews think was going on? They drove through it every day. What did area residents think was going on? What did cops think that patrolled the neighborhood? You had hundreds of people watching the mountains of ripped open cardboard boxes.

Looting stores wasn’t enough.

They had a story on CBS last night where a mom after the overdose death of her son went online to to the sites her local high school kids hung out. Within 24 hrs she had meth. Why couldn’t the local cops have done that?

“I’ve been stunned at the response……No one here in South Africa has been hospitalized with the Omicron variant, nor is anyone here believed to have fallen seriously ill with it”

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