1 conviction after 30 years

It comes out last night that the Jewish judge sealed the court records for the Jewish defendant (Ghislaine Maxwell), so we will never know the extent of the customer base for the underage sex ring. All the leaders of government, business and entertainment that will walk scott free (spellcheck doesn’t like ‘scott’). Its incredible, prosecutors had to be drug kicking and screaming just to convict Maxwell.

In the post above from Representative MTG she says in effect, “You’re stopping with her?? You’re not using Epstein’s fortune to compensate the victims??” The idiots in the conservative media act like convicting Maxwell was the sole goal. They can’t be serious. They have to be part of the cover-up. In an unrelated (kind of) case the Gateway Pundits founder married a Filipino man half his age. I always felt there was something odd about the Gateway Pundit.

“Jim Hoft’s Marriage to Filipino Man Half His Age Isn’t Proof He’s in a ‘Satanic Pedophilia Cabal,’ Lawyer Says”

As with a lot of this stuff, its only years, decades or centuries later that you find out the “opposition” was never real, it was always controlled. A cul-de-sac so that real opposition never appeared.

“God forbid the world finds out that all roads lead back to Israel in the largest child sex trafficking blackmail operation in history.”

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