“Systems collapse”

Everything Victor Davis Hanson says here is true, and shows keen insight. The trouble lies in trying to condense it down to a couple of sentences. The shocking and outward manifestation of “systems collapse” is the crime wave taking place. I would guess it is also showing up in less noticeable areas.

Men pretending to be women so as to compete where they can win. The obvious theft of a presidential election. Ridiculous decisions handed down by the Supreme Court. Schools spending half their day not teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Insane behavior by drivers, and they’re not ticketed!

The video above of the trains coming out of the Port of Los Angeles only to have their goods spilled out all over the tracks, is gaining popularity now, but I reported on it months ago. What’s going on? Mugshot after mugshot after mugshot, its all lunatic black males going crazy. They’ve been coddled so long they think they can get away with anything, and often do.

Hell, you even have black cops killing white women. Lt. Michael Byrd (below) shot Ashli Babbitt. Or that filthy bastard Mohamed Noor (below) who murdered Minneapolis woman Justine Damond.

Victor didn’t have the time to go into all of it, but I think I’m starting to get an idea of what causes the ‘systems collapse’. Our currency has no more innate value than Monopoly money, but it does have real world value because of: “fiat money is backed entirely by the full faith and trust in the government that issued it“. Because we pretend it does. As long as everyone is on the same page of the pretend game, everything is fine.

Our “system”, our society also requires the same faith and trust. But we are now being betrayed by the government that we’re supposed to trust in. The rampant crime. The inflation. The governmental corruption. The COVID lies. Paying people not to work. Coercing people into injecting themselves with experimental gene therapy in order to work, but not those on welfare or getting food stamps.

Requiring law abiding people to wear a mask, but not the 10’s of thousands streaming across our southern border. Brandon is rewarding illegals by flying them to the state of their choice, and setting them up there. Government schools teach our kids lies about race. There is hardly an aspect where our government hasn’t lost our trust. Hence, the systems collapse. The game of pretend is no longer working.

Michael Byrd
Mohamed Noor

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