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We are no longer 1 people, its absurd to try and be 1 country

This morning on Gab the John Birch Society is doing one of their ‘boiler plate’ warnings about avoiding a Constitutional Convention (frankly I lose track if the correct phrase is convention of the states or what). Their standard argument against change is that what if the convention gets taken over by radicals and we end up with a communist government! And, “If they don’t follow the current law of the land, why would they follow the next one?”

They ignore the third and obvious aspect. The Constitution somewhat worked the first 125 years or so, because we were one people with a common creed. That’s no longer the case. As I said in a comment to them: “The Constitution stopped working over 100 years ago. So by doing nothing, its going to magically start working again? Or rather as the millennia go by, “Don’t do anything! It might go bad!” The answer is clear, we need to disband. We are no longer 1 people, its absurd to be 1 country.”

And at the risk of repeating myself (actually I’m going to do exactly that on purpose), we are not one people! How the sam hell do you expect us to be one country! Its ridiculous. There is no way in hell to reconcile the current differences of the two sides. One side believes in killing babies. One side believes we can import the 3rd world and not become it. One side believes black people shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. One side believes its the American taxpayer’s job to save the world (and by default pay for it).

The other side believes correctly. There is no way to reconcile these two widely divergent world views. Its absurd. Half the people in this country are not Americans. It may say they are on their passport, but they are not in thought, mind, act or deed. A good many are 3rd world refuse that couldn’t verbalize the American credo if you held a gun to their head. They do not hold dear the habits of liberty. And frankly, they never will. The other part of the wrong side are imbeciles with no logical basis for their world view.

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