We must stop disinformation!

I’m not exactly sure when it was America drove off the road and into the ditch, but I know it was during my lifetime. How did it happen? Well more and more people are starting to admit it was because communists took a “long march” through our institutions. People really don’t grasp what a pivotal year 1917 was, and also what transpired during the 10 years immediately after WW II that was driving McCarthy nuts. That period from 1917 to 1953 was simply pivotal. Nowadays you have just this screwball shit of men dressing up and pretending to be women. Playing sports with them. Going to the bathroom with them. Just perverted shit. And the media makes it out like everybody agrees with this shit. And it just ain’t so.

Cities with the Top 10 murder rates:

1.) Saint Louis, Missouri
2.) Baltimore, Maryland
3.) Birmingham, Alabama
4.) Detroit, Michigan
5.) Dayton, Ohio
6.) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
7.) New Orleans, Louisiana
8.) Kansas, City Missouri
9.) Memphis, Tennessee
10.) Cleveland, Ohio

Chicago, which conservative news sites obsess about, comes in at a distant 28.

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