4 years ago the X-Files told us

After 14 years off the air, X-Files returned in 2016 for six episodes and 2018 for ten more. Then it was suddenly canceled?
This might be why…

This clip from the X-Files literally saw the future. A plandemic. Wiping out our immune system with a “vaccine within a vaccine”. DNA manipulation. They talk about what our government has done to us the past 100 years, with various other “experiments” and such. That its been a stealth process for a total surveillance state, until now. This is the final key.

It is just amazing. Hollywood acts so stupid and brainless, but a lot of them really do know. Oliver Stone’s JFK, the early 80’s flicks that saw the future: Terminator, Escape from New York, Road Warrior, Red Dawn. That’s 40 years ago! Whoever wrote this clip for the X-Files knew his stuff. Was paying attention to all of those clips over the past 20 years of Bill Gates told us how they were going to do it.

Its going to happen on a Friday. When people aren’t paying attention. Can’t get to their money. Its just like in Canada when they locked the trucker’s bank accounts, once they got your money they got you by the balls. People really don’t get the authoritarian nature of the ‘New World Order’. Once the elites got over half the world’s wealth into the hands of 585 people, its not about money anymore. Its about control.

They like being god. Its a real life Game of Thrones? Risk? Most of us never experience what it is that comes after money. Bohemian Grove, weird pedophilia stuff. Their whole code language they use to talk about it: ‘Pizza’, ‘hot dog’, ‘smash’. Just as one example I saw the other day of something 25 or 30 years ago was considered completely bonkers, was ‘chem trails’. Its now nearly mainstream. “Its for weather control”. “Its to alleviate climate change”.

But anyway, back to the X-Files clip. They get into as anyone knows who has role played this, it will happen on a Friday. There will be a financial “security” breach which requires taking the banks off line. Your account will be frozen. On Monday you’ll wake up to an entirely digital payment world. What you had in you account will now be a exchanged new currency. I’ve always guessed it would be at 60% for your old dollar.

They will state they had to do it this way otherwise there would have been (insert scary threat here) a total, global financial collapse! I never understood their war scenarios involving Russia and mainly China. I could never understand why China would want to attack their best customer. It didn’t make sense. Once again what was bonkers 25 years ago, is now starting to eke out. They want population reduction.

Some of these nuts evidently believe hook line and sinker their sustainability crap. Their climate change alarm-ism. End stage has them wanting a final population of 500 million. I believe they do see their elites as the melding of human and bio-tech. But they will need that population of ‘workers’, and that’s where the Chinese come in. I didn’t see that piece of the puzzle until recently. They said the Chinese make better drone workers. Whites are too independent and rebellious.

As Kevin Sorbo just put it, they just found out with the pandemic that under an “emergency” we let them usurp our freedoms, then there will always be an emergency.

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