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Capitol Police begin ‘internal security review’ after officers missed break-in

FOX News finally got around to doing a little reporting 5 days after Paul Pelosi was attacked by the nut with a hammer (regrettably even though he is expected to have a “100% recovery”, you have to figure that sort of trauma will reduce his life span at age 83). Oh they had security cameras alright. They feed to the Capitol Police in Washington. Who weren’t watching them. The break-in is right there for all to see.

But when the Congressperson isn’t at the residence they don’t watch the cameras. So a golden opportunity to have notified police was missed. They still haven’t mentioned what happened to the ones on the grounds. So as implausible as the story was, it looks to be true. What has me so thoroughly pissed is that I listened to the assholes on Gab who cook up this shit, and ran with myself on numerous posts. I can’t believe I did that.

You get so used to being lied to by politicians and the media, that when they’re actually telling the truth you don’t believe them. You figure you can figure it out by yourself and you start operating without facts. Nope. It doesn’t help by the police being so secretive and unwilling to be transparent and honest. The whole thing makes me sick.

This illegal alien from Canada with a record from crimes committed here should have been deported. He shouldn’t have even been in the country. The security guard at another house that saw DePape coming up the drive and didn’t alert anyone. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Failure after failure of procedure and protocol, made the whole thing seem so implausible, we conspiracy nuts went to town.

One of the biggest bullshit pieces to the wrong narrative, is the picture below. The blanking (fucking) idiots had this of a picture of DePape videotaping for Pelosi on J6 in Washington. No. He’s in front of City Hall in San Francisco in December of 2013 videotaping a nudist wedding from the club he is a member of. They do that shit on Gab over and over and over and I can’t believe I fall for it.

David DePape, right, records the nude wedding of Gypsy Taub outside City Hall on Dec. 19, 2013, in San Francisco.

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    1. Now I saw they are claiming they need more money. They had an incredible state of the art system, and they weren’t watching. Then the cops told the two to “drop the hammer”, Paul does and gets whacked in the head for it.


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