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Important post-election coverage!

[But Gab’s Andrew Torba had an interesting take on it:]

I see everyone on the right fighting about Trump vs DeSantis for 2024 and I just laugh to myself. The presidency in 2024 is a pipe dream, with DeSantis or Trump on the ticket. To be frank I don’t know if we’ll ever see a Republican president again. Millions and millions of illegals pouring over our border and being distributed to key swing states. An electorate trained to believe that hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots appearing is normal. Demographics is destiny. He who controls the machines controls the outcome. We didn’t fix 2020 and we didn’t build the wall so don’t expect another “free and fair” election. – Andrew Torba

I was really down when I went to bed last night as my “Iowa pick” (Zach Nunn) looked to be losing to Cindy Axne in Iowa’s 3rd District. But when I woke up this morning he was up a percentage point (2,000 votes). Is that enough to get past the Democrat’s margin of cheat? I don’t know. 2 years ago Marianne Miller-Meeks withstood them whittling down a 400 vote lead to 8. So by comparison Zach should win.

Should he actually get “seated” in the House, it will restore my confidence in my amazing political powers. As soon as he won his primary last June I donated. I had the feeling. Alaska as of noon Wednesday can’t decide who won the Senate race, Murkowski or Tshibaka. Kelly (Tshibaka was in the lead). Lauren Boebert looks to have lost her House race to the socialists in Colorado. DeSantis looks to be the new heir to the Presidential Throne on the GOP side.

Oz managed to lose to Frankenfetter. Kemp beat the incumbent in the Georgia Governor’s race (that’s a joke, ‘Big’ Stacey wasn’t actually the incumbent, she just thought she was). There’s talk of a Ron DeSantis – Kim Reynold’s presidential ticket for 2024 (Reynold’s is Iowa’s Governor).

Oh and a BIG thanks to people who vote here in Iowa, you approved the Constitutional gun provision nearly 2 – 1 (65.13% to 34.87%). That is huge. Because you have to figure the commie-crats are going to get back in power in Iowa one of these days, and this will make it harder for them to do something stupid.

As the Babylon Bee put it: “Republicans stave off Red Wave”, sadly true. Masters and Lake lost in Arizona. Arizona has simply gotten too good at cheating. Probably J.D. Vance winning the Senate seat in Ohio was the nights only race you could point to for optimism.


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