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Let the clown show begin!

Norms may not know it but the political world was all abuzz last night with Donald Trump announcing that he was going to run for president! Big whoop. So I have on CNBC per the usual this morning and they trot out the above Eamon Javers (What the hell kind of name is that? Jewish I imagine) to crank up the hate machine against Trump.

Javers leads off with: “Trump, who inspired a violent attack on Congress…“. No he didn’t. The FBI operatives (like Ray Epps) who got the riot going, started at least an hour before Trump finished his speech. The speech in which he said to: “Go down to the Capitol and protest peacefully“.

But the cabal of journalists of which Javers is one, have so much insane hatred for Trump they can’t even get the facts right. They ignore what he said, they ignore the timeline, they ignore Ray Epps, they ignore the very idea that someone could be upset with being cheated out of an election. They’re just partisans.

They’re just fake news. But! Now I have a Twitter account! I got one when Elon bought it. And I am now able to tell these twits just exactly what I think of them. Not that it matters, but it makes me feel better.


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