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Speech Nazis

Oh my gosh its been a fun 3 weeks on Twitter. I’d left it four years ago exactly when they wanted to force me to remove a comment on this video of muslims torturing this poor dog. They didn’t take down the video of these bastards torturing a dog, they just wanted me to take down the comment highlighting their depravity.

Fast forward four years and Elon Musk has essentially been forced to overpay to buy Twitter because he shot off his mouth last spring. I believe the actual transfer of ownership took place on Friday October 28. I joined up then and the next day signed up for Twitter Blue for $4.99 a month. I’m a very big believer in free speech and have always been willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Owner Musk has been driving commie libs nuts since he bought it. They really went over the cliff last night when he unfroze Trump’s account. “Are the coms out tonight? I don’t know if its cloudy or bright, but I only have censorship for you!” The above screenshot from the Jewish ADL’s head Jew Jonathan Greenblatt just I don’t know struck me the wrong way.

Musk is a guy who essentially has always leaned more left, but he’s enough old school to have the God given sense to know that free speech is essential to having a free country. In his mind if that gives a platform to your political foe, so be it! And he overpayed to the tune of $44 billion to put his money where his mouth is.

So on Friday night he put up a poll asking whether Trump’s account should be reinstated or not. The poll ran for 24 hours finishing up a little before 6 pm Saturday night. 51.8% said yes reinstate Trump. 48.2% of the commie lib bastards said no. Musk declares: “The people have spoken, Trump will be reinstated!” (you can imagine the Lord Muskian tone)

That very night (9:52 to be exact) Greenblatt is on there threating Trump, Musk, the platform and everyone he doesn’t like. Well fuck you Greenblatt. You can take that censorship and stick it up your ass. The leftists mindset is scary, what he is saying in effect is that: . “Speech we don’t like should be prohibited. A platform we can’t control should be destroyed. The man who allows free speech should be ruined.” That’s just scary. They want the power to ride roughshod over anyone that resists them.

I don’t like that. I’m sure you can find an example of ‘the right’ trying to shutdown someone’s speech, but I would have to say from college campuses, to internet platforms, to everyday life, the vast majority of censorship comes from the left. It started out 50 years ago as “political correctness” and has grown over that time to the bullshit it is today.

They can shut me up, but they are going to have to kill me to do it.

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