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The tiny group of GOP tots having a tantrum over @kevinomccarthy have made their point, but it’s time to quit holding the whole country hostage w/ these dead-end tactics. Some of the hold-outs are friends & people I supported, but ENOUGH! Vote @kevinomccarthy & do your job!” – Gov Mike Huckabee

That little Tweet by Mike Huckabee identified himself to rebel forces that he was swamp. Like Sean Hannity’s attempted take down of Lauren Boebert last night. This fight for Speaker of the House has done us a great service. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt who swamp is. Another name that identified himself yesterday is Newt Gingrich.

All 3 of these guys when Trump had the ‘mo’ went along with the whole populist thing, but you had your doubts and you were right. Fuck you Huckabee.

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