Federal Bureau of Insurrections

Its hard to find a shooting, bombing or other attack where the FBI did not have knowledge of, contact with or an informer planted in the terrorist group. In the days, weeks and months following an incident it always comes out. One of the most obvious FBI involved “terrorist” attacks was the 1993 WTC bombing. Its been documented in the mainstream media by the NYT, Baltimore Sun and others. Nearly all has now been scrubbed from the internet. That’s the main reason for this post, to preserve the Baltimore Sun link above. All this was brought to mind about the flood of evidence coming out that the FBI was behind every bit of the “January 6 insurrection”. From the skeleton security staff that day, to the refusal of augmenting the National Guard as a security buttress, to the refusal to release security tapes that would reveal the FBI plants in the melee. Once again its all coming out.

The trail of stupid

Its really hard to tell if Republican politicians or Republican voters are more stupid. Yes Republican politicians are worthless cretins, but its the voters who put them there. The jewel in their Stupid Crown obviously were the 2 previous GOP Presidential candidates Romney & McCain.

Then you have the trail of stupid with Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Rob Portman, Lisa Murkowski, Liz Cheney, Paul Ryan and on and on and on… then you have run of the mill stupid like Charles Grassley of Iowa who has held elected office since the Eisenhower Administration. I shit you not, 1959.

For better or worse my go to choice of social media is Gab. On there you will find very well meaning conservatives who talk about “when we take back Congress“, or when “Trump gets reelected.” So what if that does transpire? Republicans aren’t going to do anything. There is no historical basis for your thinking. No track record. Its completely delusional thinking. They’re just going to drive off the cliff at a safer, more responsible speed.

“People Who Ruined World’s Economies Gather To Discuss How To Fix World’s Economies”

The Babylon Bee is supposed to be a satirical site, not so much in today’s upside down world. As an example, the same parent company of Pfizer (supplier of COVID vaccine), also owns the Wuhan Lab that created the virus (Glaxos Smith Kline). Which coincidentally, Dr. Scott Gotlieb, who as former head of the FDA supposedly “regulating” these companies, now sits on the Board of Pfizer.

How long can they keep it going?

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert are an interesting pair. They are mostly right (Trump) on issues economic, yet they hated Trump! I don’t know if its because they are put on by Russian Television or what. You know, ideas like it doesn’t bode well for a nation if it doesn’t make things and stuff like that. They understand an unconstitutional central bank continuously pumping out a worthless fiat currency leads to collapse. They get all that! They are big believers in bitcoin, and as history has not played out yet on that, we shall see if they are right on that or not.

In this video the overall theme is that this has all been a big lie (that a debt based economy can survive), and that we don’t know if free market economics works as its never been tried! (my translation) But what I wonder is: How long can Washington keep it going? With the lapdog media churning out the propaganda of the Deep State, maybe they can keep “the plates spinning” (reference to the 50’s/60’s Ed Sullivan Show). Without an honest media to call them out, who’s to say they just can’t start gutting entitlements and whatnot, and just have death by a thousand cuts instead of a big collapse?

“There are no white 3rd world countries”

I thought that was an interesting observation I saw this morning. I guess that’s what they mean by “critical race theory”. To explain why everybody wants to live in either Europe, Australia or America. I guess they are saying be more like white people. Why they don’t want that taught in schools is beyond me. It would solve a lot of problems.

Your government at work

Its all there. All you have to do is look. Like in this video .

[The video does have good factual information about the controlled detonation to bring down WTC and Building #7. The residue of the thermite used and eye witness testimony about hearing the detonations. The meme on the other hand looks to be bullshit. Larry on July 1 had just signed a 99 year lease on the buildings. Its natural he would insure it. Also a lease is not ownership. I left it up as an example to me and others not to automatically fall for this bullshit.]

Save America!

Who’s going to stop this socialism? Republicans? Their shtick is to talk this real good game when they’re OUT of power, then when they’re in power do nothing. Except corporate tax cuts I mean. That’s the sum total of their achievements. At one time by golly they were going to repeal Obamacare. They were going to abolish the Department of Education. “We’re going to reduce the size of government!” They did pass an amendment to a piece of legislation in 1976 called the Hyde Amendment. But that’s pretty much the sum total of their legislative achievement the past 100 years. Other than making DC airport Reagan National, and maybe renaming a Post Office or two. Unless you consider ethanol subsidies landmark legislation.

The Left can’t meme

That’s it ain’t it? The media will never find anything because they ain’t looking. Its like their line about: “There’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud” – well there is if you’d open your eyes! Back in 2008 when Sarah Palin was nominated for vice president the media had a conniption because a Christian conservative who wasn’t part of the Deep State was threatening to get into a powerful position.

The first thing they did was get all her emails as Alaskan Governor. They assigned I believe it was 642 reporters to comb through her emails. They spent weeks! They came up with nothing. That meant she was clear right? Oh no. Only that they hadn’t found anything, yet. They can do it when they want to.

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