Nick Fuentes has an interesting video on what happens when you get cross-ways with the Jewish lobby. In this one he talks about Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene getting blindsided when she used a Holocaust analogy (she compared vaccine passports with the Nazi’s ‘Yellow Star’). He correctly points out she had the wrath of God come down on her because she has the potential to be a threat to the power structure, not because she said anything wrong. Its just them asserting control over her.

MTG is her own woman and from what I can tell beholden to no one. She’s ‘America First’ and a disrupter. Nick’s main point is things have become so convoluted that in the mind of Conservative Inc., in order to be a “patriot” you have to put Israel First! Which is crazy. He talks about the “Holocaust Religion”, and it is definitely that. Its #3 on the list of great atrocities yet the man on the street would swear its #1.

Nick talks about how his people sent out feelers to MTG and she brushed them off. He talks about how frustrated he is by how “America First” people don’t come together and embrace it, and on how he has been largely marginalized by Conservative Inc., in the same way Alex Jones and others have.

Which is all rather funny, as Fuentes has been kicked off every decent platform and the only one that would still have him, Gab, he shits all over. Thick with irony.

They’re the ones that killed them

A Boy Scout salutes at the foot of a grave after volunteers placed flags at the Los Angeles National Cemetery on Saturday, May 28, 2016 in preparation for Memorial Day. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

Politicians love to wave the flag on Memorial Day weekend, being all sad about the 19 year olds they sent off to die for some stupid reason. They could honor them better by not sending the next generation off to die. But you don’t get the big power grabs in peace. You don’t get to skim off the top of huge taxpayer expenditures in peace. Old men count on the testosterone fueled bravado and foolishness of young men. Young men they use to fulfill their lusts.

“next to of course god america i
love you land of the pilgrims’ and so forth oh
say can you see by the dawn’s early my
country ’tis of centuries come and go
and are no more what of it we should worry
in every language even deafanddumb
thy sons acclaim your glorious name by gorry
by jingo by gee by gosh by gum
why talk of beauty what could be more beaut-
iful than these heroic happy dead
who rushed like lions to the roaring slaughter
they did not stop to think they died instead
then shall the voice of liberty be mute?”

He spoke. And drank rapidly a glass of water

“ee cummings, a pacifist, was imprisoned during World War One for his supposed disloyalty to America. He was also accused, falsely, of being a spy. After the war he moved to Paris where he wrote satirical poems. His novel The Enormous Room (1922) was the first of his many literary attacks on authoritarianism and rabid nationalism….” – more at Genius.com

The more I find out from Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Mike Pompeo and Lin Wood the more it makes me just want to puke. What the dirty thieving Democrats have done to the electoral process in this country is nearly incomprehensible. Why the counting process was ever turned over to party hacks is beyond me. Why voting machines would have modems attached to them is beyond me.

I did a post October 31st saying that the only question regarding the election was whether Democrats could cheat in a manner sufficient to win. It was obvious Mr. Potato Head who during previous runs garnered .8% and 1.4% of the vote, didn’t stand a chance against The GOAT. I knew then the mail in ballot because of the COVID thing was bullshit, they’d been setting that up for months (“we may not know who the winner is for weeks”).

And I’m not going to gather all the links and sources to “make my case” here. The coms wouldn’t believe a mountain of evidence and honest people already know what happened. But because 99.9% of the propaganda machine is just going to repeat the party line, “There’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud”, none of this matters a hill of beans anyway.

“Countries Must Develop, or Immigrate to USA”

A guy I used to follow on YouTube had an interesting video today. ‘Andy the Hobo Traveler‘ has correctly surmised the problem and maybe the solution to undeveloped countries and their populations moving to either Europe, Australia or America. He talks about how the policy towards these countries the past 70 years has been to coddle them and flood them with figurative gift baskets.

As he points out all these NGOs have simply created a bunch of beggars. He feels that its a lack of knowledge that’s keeping them down. That all it will take is for us to give them the “know how and show how” to develop and that they will become productive global citizens that will cause their populations to want to stay put.

I of course feel they know damn well how to develop. Its not rocket science. They don’t want to “develop”, the 1% has it pretty cush and they’re going to keep it that way. There’s no lack of knowledge, money or natural resources. They come from some of the most abundant places on the planet. Its like the way Jews had transformed Israel into an oasis within 20 years, and that the Palestinians couldn’t have transformed the same plot of land in 20,000 years!

I thought at first Andy was just talking about Latin America, and I thought he was talking about money. I was imagining a global Marshall Plan where all the developed countries poured $30 trillion dollars into a test case like Bolivia to lift them into the 21st Century to show the others how its done. It would be $30T down a rat hole.

COVID was a scam

People died from something. I’m not denying that. How much was due to it and how much was due to their co-morbidity I don’t know. They’ve already said they learned from their ability to control the population during this, that it can be used to alleviate concerns about “global warming”by limiting and controlling the actions of people in the future. It is also finally gaining traction that the Wuhan Lab was working on a “gain of function” (getting the virus to pass to humans), why would they be doing that? Why did Fauci fund it? But their coupe de gracie was using the virus to promote the mail in ballot scam and steal the election from Trump for their commander in thief Biden.

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel (above). She comes across very well on TV. Should a seen her 40 years ago. No one is more open and knowledgeable about the threat we face from Islam. She lived it the first 20 years or so of her life in Lebanon. She knows the language, she knows the people, she knows the evil.

Chris Rock on target

The Federalist has a really insightful article on the cancel culture, and they went to a really insightful guy to comment on it. Chris Rock was edgy. The fact that Black Establishment went to him back in the day and forced him to change his act always surprised me. Rush Limbaugh always said good humor had a little bit of truth in it. Chris Rock’s crime was stating the obvious. He had this bit where he’d say, “I love black people, but I hates niggas!” He’d go on to explain that if you got a big screen TV in the hood you had to bring it inside at 2 am because if anybody saw you had it they’d steal it. If a friend new to town called up for directions and you asked where he was and he said, “MLK Boulevard”, you’d say, “Get out of there!

No where to run to, no where to hide

Stacie here reads a release from a Spanish firm whose job it is to predict the bankruptcies coming of their investments in Latin America. She says the wave is coming by fall. Max adds that all this was predicted after 2008, that in a dozen years because no changes were made, it would just hit again, only worse. We’re here.

The reason it will be worse, it that all “elasticity” has been removed. The tricks they’ve used in the past to keep it all afloat. Lowering interest rates (they can’t go any lower), off-shoring jobs (they’re already overseas), importing cheap labor (we’ve got 30 million illegals), printing money (we’ve got $30T in debt). Its all been done. There’s no more wiggling. All the stupid policy decisions of the past 100 years is coming due. That snowball that’s been gaining speed downhill, its here.

The rise of China and their coming electronic currency will be the death knell.

[The example I had meant to use was the one David Horowitz told about in one of his many books. There was a magazine for radicals back in the 60’s called ‘Ramparts‘. He explained that it never had the commercial success to succeed on its own, so they had to find a funding source. They used their fellow travelers in Hollywood to wine and dine likely marks. Once they had bled the young heir or heiress of their fortune, they discarded them and moved on to another. The magazine ran from 1962 – 1975. Nearly the exact same timeframe as the Vietnam War coincidently. That was when they ran out of fools to bilk and the magazine folded. The other tidbit Horowitz points out, was that even though the war went on until April of ’75, the war protests stopped in December of ’72. Why would that be? Nixon stopped the draft in December of ’72. No draft no protests. The war went on another 2 1/2 years. Minus the protestors. Which, if you wanted to end the boondoggles we have today like 20 years in Afghanistan, all you would have to do is bring back the draft.]


Things are starting to open up ammo wise across the country. Its not over yet of course, but you can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Some smart people say by mid-July things should be better. I wonder if the shortage the past 12 months or so will teach people any lessons? There are a couple of lessons I’ve learned: 1.) Don’t trust domestic producers. They will forever be completely caught off-guard, eternally blindsided and never have a contingency plan. 2.) Put pressure on those domestic producers by buying from foreign suppliers. 3.) Stock up. Once the shortage is over its easy to fall into the trap of “it will never happen again.” Yes it will. Primer, powder, cartridges, stock up. A little each month. Before you know it you’ll be prepared. 4.) Remember. Remember who the price gougers were (I start that list below). Remember who was fair, most of the big box stores and some of the locals (JAX). Gun shows weren’t fair, don’t reward them.

Online gougers:

  1. Cheaper Than Dirt
  2. Lucky Gunner
  3. Ammo Shop Online
  4. Target Sports USA
  5. Precision One Ammunition
  6. Ammo City Store (complete fraud)
  7. Ammo Shop
  8. Optics Planet
  9. Pew Outdoors
  10. Vance Outdoors
  11. Outdoor Limited
  12. True Shot Gun Club

Speaking of Wayne LaPierre

At the end of this gun review on some gun blog I was on they were having a discussion on why Wayne LaPierre needs to get out of the National Rifle Association (way too many allegations of graft and corruption to be all smoke). The similarity it reminded me of was our government in Washington. Many of them need to go, they’ve been there too long. But like LaPierre, they are so selfish they’d rather harm the organization rather then be inconvenienced themselves. And forget “proving” the allegations in court, he knows the rumors, he knows the talk. Anyone of any character would resign rather than even begin to risk harming millions of others and the organization they loved. Just out of a sense of duty. You wouldn’t have to take him to court.

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