The American Network

The confluence of ideas. Gab News had an interesting article today that I linked to. It was about the “Gatekeeper Right“. In this latest instance it is those neocon/RINO/establishment Republicans (i.e. Mitt Romney, John McCain) who wish to purge the party of those nasty populists and nationalists brought in by one Donald John Trump! The Blue Bloods are manning the walls, desperate to repel the riffraff!

They had the beginning of this movement as 2015 and The Rise of Trump, I of course being a political genius was able to set them straight. I’d say it started in 2008 with the Tea Party, which was subverted within a few years. This is the latest rebirth. In fact ’92 & ’96 saw it with the Reform Party, Constitution Party and Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan. In fact the thing I’ll never forget is the reaction Rush and Hannity had to Ron Paul in 2008. They were NOT fans. They were very suspicious of him and his “libertarian ways”!

In fact you can go back 60 years to 1959 to the start of modern constitutionalist movement. That was the year the John Birch Society was formed, and quickly marginalized by the “Gate Keepers” of William Buckley and National Review (Nothing epitomizes worthless GD RINOs quite like NR). So in effect JBS has been warning for exactly 60 years what was coming, and was studiously ignored. Its hilarious to hear this or that pundit sounding the alarm! When in fact people were doing it before they were born.

In fact a young fella on YouTube by the name of Reid Heinrichs has recently gotten up to speed. His video entitled We Are on Our Own: Why Voting is Not Going to Work came to the correct conclusion that DC is completely dysfunctional and is incapable of working for the people. This goes along with the secessionist movement in Texas, the one time Michigan Militia and other regional movements, which by design never come together in a national network. Which is where I come in.

The American Network. I see this as a consortium of trade, professionals, preppers, shooters, medical, a self-insurance group, K-12 instructors, growers and political activists all connected through an encrypted network. That’s what we need. SHTF (shit hit the fan) will come. There was an interesting little post on this very topic this morning on Gab. It was by a young man whose moniker is ‘Rob @Nullifyfedlaws’. His point was even his wife, who is completely apolitical, knows that the status quo can’t continue.

In fact I have a friend in the same category who referred to it as a ‘civil war’ coming. When the jig is up it will be like New Orleans after Katrina and the Feds thought anarchy was at the door. Their first inclination was to disarm the populace. Not to get them fed, watered and medical treatment, but to take their guns. The government sees itself as several things. One being Savior. Another is that as an organism which must survive at all costs! Even as a parasite at the expense of the host, the people.

The government when the SHTF will pickoff potential leaders and “trouble makers” immediately. Services to varying degrees will be gone. The ability to survive will depend on your network. And how much planning was done ahead of time. No one can survive an ambush. But you can avoid the ambush if you plan. The sad part is I’ve watched similar movements for decades, they are always doomed to failure because the Chief of each group (medical, preppers, shooters etc.) won’t cede any of their turf.

They can never see the larger picture, the success of the movement. They can never see beyond their own little power base. Which is a shame. Wikipedia is a success because it shows the “wisdom of the crowd”. Bringing together everyone’s expertise to create something greater than the parts. Patriots have the ability to do that, just not the will.

Representative Mac Thornberry (R-TX)

Mac Thornberry. The epitome of idiocy. Trump sends the boys out to kill ISIS leader one Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi. Early reports are that he is not merely dead, but really most sincerely dead. In perfect Trump fashion, it was not just a military raid, it was the best-est most well executed raid in the history of warfare! Trump also said the terrorist leader died like the cowardly dog he was. What’s wrong with that?

Enter Mac ‘Dipshit’ Thornberry. He was “uncomfortable” with the “language” Trump the Great used. Tough tookies. Thornberry wasn’t upset with the unfathomable atrocities this terrorist committed. He wasn’t upset with the deadly absurdity of U.S. policies of the past 30 years that were dumped in Trump’s lap. No. He was upset with words. With Trump calling this terrorist a scurvy dog.

Thornberry was elected to be one of the 535 best in America, and in reality he is a moron.

Jews, homosexuals and Mexicans

FILE PHOTO: Tom Steyer, founder of NextGen Climate, speaks during the California Democratic Convention in San Francisco, California, U.S. June 1, 2019. REUTERS/Stephen Lam/File Photo – RC1F3407F180

They don’t like Trump, I tell you what. Not one bit. At the core of ‘the resistance’ are Jews, homosexuals and Mexicans. I mean a lot of people hate Trump, but not like those 3 groups. I doubt if it would pay to interview them, I doubt if you’d get an honest answer. You’d probably get the, “He’s a racist!” “He’s a liar!” “He hates women!” Just a bunch of stinking nonsense. I had the misfortune to see another Tom Steyer ad (pictured above), and it got me to wondering. Is he a Jew?

Yeah he is! He was running “Impeach Trump” ads from the get go. Now he’s “running for president” (i.e. selling a book). So after 3 years of this crap I looked him up. My theory of Category 5 Trump hatred doesn’t limit it to those 3 groups, but its funny how often it plays a role. Hollywood, NPR, the TV channels, large swaths of Congress. I’m telling you, just watch (Schiff, Nadler, Shep Smith, Cooper Anderson, Juan Williams, Rachel Maddow …)

[I realize of course you can’t say any of the things I just said, but there comes a point when the political correctness dam breaks. It just does. Freedom of speech in this country is in jeopardy and I’m going to fight back.]

Its a strange World after all!

from ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, by Lewis Carroll, with illustrations by hn Tenniel. Macmillan and C, London, 1898.

Watching FOX News this morning highlights the disconnect for an oldster trying to recognize his country. The focus in the segment I saw was Bernie getting the AOC endorsement and how Warren would make a big ol’ pivot to the center if she got the nod (aka “business as usual”). Its crazy that two of the top three spots on the Democrat side are socialists. The same party sits there and villainizes McCarthy 65 years ago when he pointed out that very thing.

Now Hillary is calling Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset (Tulsi having mildly gone off the reservation on a few items like illegal immigration and impeachment). Hillary figures the Russians are “grooming” Tulsi for a third party run to ensure Trump’s reelection. It is a crazy world. But this was just to introduce the nuttiness, its definitely not the end of it.

Our country has gone off the rails in so many ways. One of the biggest is this concept that has now become the accepted position, that all of Latin America has some God given right to move to the United States?? When the hell did we decide we were a nation without borders? For someone who knows about Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback“, this is just crazy (after WW II, vets were complaining about the number of jobs taken by illegals, so Dwight forced out the majority of them back to Mexico).

Another “one flew over the cuckoos nest” moment is trade policy. You have RINOs running around saying Trump isn’t a “free trader” because he’s trying to make China adopt fair trade. Its nuts, they have 35% on us, we have ZERO. Related to this is two job issues. Senator Mike Lee right now is trying to throw thousands of tech jobs to new Indian graduates, foreign students! Another Utah Senator can’t start the day with out criticizing fellow Republican Trump. He didn’t utter one discouraging word during Obama’s eight years.

The list just doesn’t end. Boys in the girls room, Drag Time Story Hour at the library, killing babies is a “right”, Russians behind every bush, presidential candidates proudly declaring he’s going to take my guns. Absolute insanity. The Democrats were talking impeachment before Trump was inaugurated! 65 years ago Congress investigated Hollywood for being communists, now they proudly proclaim they are!

As far as I know OPIC is still operating, your tax dollars going to send factories overseas. Then you get into free medical for illegals, illegals being allowed to vote, on and on and on…. Trump taking heat for wanting to bring the troops home. Stuff that is just insane to me. And looming over all of it, is the national debt that is shooting up into the stratosphere, exponential growth being what it is. And everyone goes on blithely ignoring the Mad Hatter. George Orwell said there’d be days like this.

15 – 4

No its not a prediction of a score from tomorrow’s game. Its the number of Republican nominees to Democrat nominees that were confirmed to the Supreme Court the past 50 years. That’s a good time frame to use as a measurement for the workings of the Court today. SCOTUS has been in the news recently as the list of cases they are going to hear has come out. SCOTUS only rules on cases twice a year, June and December.

Its interesting to note only 114 people have served on the highest court (there have been 45 presidents). Even though there are 9 of them to 1 president, they have a life term versus 4 or 8 year term. There have been 163 nominations. If you measure the start of our country from 1789, we have been in existence 230 years. Over that time the Judicial Branch (though never intended) has come out to be the “more equal” branch of government. Because of that both parties look to the Court to give them the victories they can’t achieve legislatively.

What will happen in December when the rulings are announced is that all the high hopes Republicans held for various high profile causes, will be dashed upon the rocks like a wooden ship in stormy seas. The cry will go out, “We just need 1 more nominee! That’s why you have to vote for us, because of the judicial nominees!” Really? As noted above, 15 of 19 nominees to the Supreme Court the past half century have been Republicans, what have you been doing?

After starting to watch politics since the early 70’s I’ve come to realize finally its all a sham. The debacle of the 2017 / 2018 do-nothing Republican Congress just solidified that opinion. I shouldn’t feel too bad, most people never figure it out! They wear their team’s jersey with a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ on it. They watch the news the next morning to see how their team did. They go to the games, get excited about that player or another.

The Justices wear black robes and act all sober and judicious, but they’re just as big a scammers as Congress. They don’t tackle big issues. They don’t take a stand on anything that matters. Times when its obvious a mistake has been made by a previous court, they refuse to go back and overturn precedent. Instead they just hobble together another appendage to this macabre judicial Frankenstein they’ve created.

So in just under 2 months our Constitutional system will be disassembled a little further, conservative’s will be crushed once again. Kavanaugh, Gorsuch or Roberts will be the Grinch that steals another Christmas. And as noted above, the cry will go out, “Just ONE more judge!” You’ve already had 15 – 4. If you can’t get a win out of that, you ain’t never.

[In the movie Final Countdown a modern day aircraft carrier is sent back in time to the day before Pearl Harbor by this freak “electrical storm”. After debating the ethical consequences of wiping out the entire Japanese fleet, they decide they have to protect America. But just as they are about to attack, the same electrical storm that sent them back in time, returns and sends them back to their own time. Which is what happens whenever Republicans have a majority on the Court (or Congress). They should wipe out the Democrats, but there’s always a McCain or a Susan Collins that ruins their plan. Or on the Court its a Gorsuch, Kavanaugh or Roberts that sticks a knife in the back of conservatives. The side of Right is always just 1 vote short.]

Replacing native populations

FAIR this morning on Facebook had a post about a Canadian political party that wants to slash “unsustainable immigration levels“. There have been memes like the one above and other articles proclaiming that if you don’t go along with it, you’re a “racist!”.

A lot of people have suspected this is all the brainchild of the UNs refugee relocation strategy. For example taking sand people and instead of relocating them a couple of hundred miles away in similar cultures, they put them thousands of miles away in Nordic countries where the new cultures are an affront to their sensibilities.

Oil and water as it were. They way I look at it is how are the advanced countries benefitting? I mean you have these shithole countries that got that way how? By being stocked with shitheads. That’s logical isn’t it? I mean shit didn’t just happen. Somebody made it happen. As Bosch Fawstin said:

“The reason multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures.”

The liberals in charge seem intent on bringing down the great countries until we are all a generic mediocrity. With the new societal plan being a mosaic instead of a melting pot, I don’t see how tribal conflicts won’t be the order of the day. I suppose once that level of global discord is reached, the only “solution” will be for dictatorial rule from the United Nations since we can’t all get along.

How can you not “get it”?

Republicans are all in shock that a druggy kicked out of the Navy (Hunter Biden), with no other discernible skills, was somehow able to turn that into making billion dollar deals with China and Ukraine! Spare me the indignation. He parlayed his dad’s position as Vice President and point man on Ukrainian affairs, and China, to make billions. That’s how you guy’s in Congress have done everyday for a hundred years! Don’t be all, “Shocked! Shocked!” now, it doesn’t become you.

I’ve come to the conclusion the American people really don’t get it. The crooks in Congress are sophisticated thieves. They’re not taking bags of cash at the foot of the Jefferson Memorial from lobbyists at midnight. They have more refined methods of graft than that. And since they write the laws, its all perfectly legal. Let’s take a look at the 5 biggies, FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google).

I only made it through Facebook and Apple and found 2 politically connected; Al Gore (No!) and Erskine Bowles. That’s how payoffs work. There are thousands of companies across the land employing spouses and adult children of Congressmen to the detriment of free enterprise. This is Corporatism.


“Can you imagine working at the following Company? It has a little over 500 employees with the following statistics: 29 have been accused of spousal abuse. 7 have been arrested for fraud. 19 have been accused of writing bad checks. 117 have bankrupted at least two businesses. 3 have been arrested for assault. 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit. 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges. 8 have been arrested for shoplifting. 21 are current defendants in law suits. 84 were stopped for drunk driving in 1998 alone. Can you guess which organization this is? Give up? It’s the 535 members of your United States Congress. The same group that perpetually cranks out hundreds upon hundreds of new laws designed to keep the rest of us in line.”

— Jack Sharp
Capitol Hill Blue editor

Or, put him to sleep

Cops love nothing better than getting the call, “Man with a knife.” They can scream up to the location (immediate proximity, breaking their own ’21 foot rule’), hop out of their protective cover (their) vehicle, not wait for backup, and say, “I had to kill the suspect!” Yeah when you do it that way I suppose so.

The video above shows a polar bear that stumbled into town in Alaska getting shot with a tranquilizer dart. No drama. Nobody dies. No screaming lights and sirens. No shouting commands for the bear to, “Show me your hands!” “Show me your hands!” Get down on the ground!” One shot. One thousand one… one thousand two… and he’s out like a light. They load the bear in a truck and take him back to the woods. Its Miller time.

One of my favorite channels on YouTube is Active Self Protection. John Correa takes dozens and dozens and dozens of video surveillance footage of all manner of crimes and narrates what did happen, what could have happened and what should have happened. These virtually all come from the United States and Brazil (a running joke) with a sprinkling of very polite crooks from Canada.

A large portion of these videos are cops shooting mental patients holding knives. Notice I didn’t say healthy, muscular young men charging officers with homicidal intent. I said mumbling, stumbling, ill people out of their minds, being shot dead because we’ve closed the mental hospitals, and they’re now walking around loose. The cops love these because the get to put a notch on their Glock. A little live target practice.

The mortician gets some business. The wife of the cop gets some that night. Rambo in blue gets to puff out his chest. Everybody’s happy. Except the dead guy. Whenever I bring this notion up, putting someone to sleep instead of killing them, they crank up the excuse machine.

“What if you miss… what if he keeps charging… what if he has a medical issue and can’t handle the tranquilizer… what if he has other drugs that combine with the tranquilizer… what if one suspect is twice the weight of the next…” What if! What if! What if!

Yeah, yeah whatever. We do know being shot by a Glock 17 multiple times will get you killed. Let’s see, what’s better, having a chance for life? Or no chance? “Chances for $800 Alex!” A tranquilizer rifle is good to 160 yards. It takes 2 seconds to drop the animal. You can set up 2 dosages, 150 pound man and 200 pound man. You run into a big man, shoot him with 1 of each. It contains multiple rounds. Cut the excuses and do it.

No man is stronger than a bear. No man is faster than a bear. No man is more dangerous than a bear. In Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, they do this all the time. Wolfs, cougars, bears. They wander into town or have to be moved to a new location, they put them to sleep. Surely a human deserves the same consideration as an animal.

Your State has Rights

Whenever President Clinton or President Obama would overstep their bounds and piss off conservatives, the base would call for Republican Governors to thwart that action by exerting States Rights. And for the past 30 years RINO governors and state legislators would explain, “We’d like to but the Feds would take away our highway money!” And Federal overreach would proceed.

The Democrats proved all that was a lie. When Trump threatened to withhold Federal monies because of their declaration of being “sanctuary cities” for illegals, they won. They courts backed them up. On an illegal action no less. Unlike the Constitutional principles the base tried to get the RINOs to stand up for the past 30 years.

The past 200 years has all been a big lie. The States started out as coequals and could be again. The Democrats proved that. They don’t let Trump do squat. When he tried to investigate the amount of illegals who voted in 2016, they just refused to cooperate with the investigation and suffered no consequences! None.

For people on the Right we’ve known one thing for a long time, it all comes down to the Second Amendment. Lose that and you lose everything. There is no tomorrow.

Which brings us to voting. Having spent a lifetime around activists, I know how they think. They get excited about the high-profile races. The presidency, a senate race, maybe a governors race. Every once in awhile a hard-fought U.S. House race. People now are gearing up for Trump versus whatever dingbat the Dems put up.

I submit none of that matters. Washington is gone. It is so thoroughly and utterly corrupt it ceases to function in any meaningful manner. We are literally 5 to 7 years away from financial collapse and there is no one talking about that in DC. We are on our own. I am through voting at the Federal level.

I submit the only thing the freedom fighter should be concerned about is their State House races and contributing to their state NRA affiliate (the national NRA is defunct). In Ames for example their are 2 House seats. That means all you have to sway is about 2,000 votes. You can literally knock on every single door in a district.

10 hardworking activists could do a lot to get those 2,000 votes behind a candidate that was 100% pro-gun. You’d have to target Republicans who don’t normally vote and independents. 17 States have permit-less or Constitutional carry. You get a majority of States that have that and its going to be damn near impossible to take away our guns.

There you have it. State House races are not sexy, glamorous or fun. But they are doable. They are the nitty gritty, the door to door that freedom unfortunately hangs on. A lot of radicals would rather have a Civil War and be done with it. It may come to that. But there is a lot less chaos if gunowners could just see where their future lies. Freedom isn’t free.

The other area that is absolutely critical to preserving the Second Amendment is supporting your State’s NRA affiliate. As mentioned the 17 states that have permit-less carry were greatly helped (sometimes invaluably) by these NRA affiliates. Yes the national NRA has a real good chance of going bankrupt or collapsing through palace intrigue, but you can greatly help your local. Its also the entity that would search out and verify the State House candidates that were 100% pro-firearm.

Practical situational awareness

As society degenerates further and further, it pays (even in small town Iowa) to have some sense of self-defense capability. This especially came to mind when a young woman was mugged in the evening at a park here in Ames a couple of Sundays ago. On YouTube its all about the best weapon or the best martial art to keep you safe. None of that will matter if you get ambushed.

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