What was God thinking?

I was thinking the other day I’ve been listening to radio preachers since 1970 or so. My first remembrance was of Oral Roberts. He’d open his broadcast with, “Something good is going to happen to you TODAY!” It was kind of neat hearing that optimism that something good was going to happen to me! I suppose that was somewhat strange itself that a 11 or 12 year old boy back then was listening to the radio that much and preachers at that!

Its interesting that Christian radio is such a hit or miss affair. I question sometimes whether programmers have any idea what they’re doing? Some of the preachers they consider broadcast worthy leaves me scratching my head. KPSZ Praise 940 seems endeared with “charismatic” preachers to this day. Charles Capps, Ken and Lynette Hagin, and various other “Name it and claim it!” charlatans. WHO 1040 has the 15 minute “Children’s Bible Hour” and a couple of others.

The picture above is of my favorite radio preacher, Adrian Rogers. Ain’t nobody preaches the bible better than him. A couple of them might use the bible as much, but none more. You combine that with the voice of God and he’s a keeper. He like most of the really good ones, are long since gone from this world. Donald Grey Barnhouse, J. Vernon McGhee and others. Some still around are Ravi Zacharias, Ronald L. Dart, David Jerimiah, Colin Smith, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Alistair Begg, R.C. Sproul, Greg Laurie and several others I’m forgetting.

I have heard some sermons. One of their favorite to preach on and my least favorite to hear is the pod eating prodigal son. My gosh they love that one. One thing hearing hundreds of sermons over the years has done is cause me to do some thinking, such as it were. Many is the time I’ve heard them preach on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They just pranced around naked eating apples, rolling in the grass, working on their tan.

Then one day it occurred to me, how idyllic could it have been? The Devil was there! Good grief. Satan crawling around tempting Eve, of course things went off the rails. Never understood that one. You put THE Devil in with 2 idiot people and wonder why they fail? And another one, did we really need Hagar to beget Ishmael? You could a forgot to beget that one, Islam is a plague upon the earth. What are we supposed to do with those head lopping SOBs?

Hearing preachers preach what the bible actually says, makes it rather glaring just how wrong Hollywood gets it. In “Its a Wonderful Life!“, Clarence as an angel is a dead person working to get his wings (in reality angels were created to help God get done what he wants done). They are not quirky old men but rather fearsome beings.

Another one is Samson. Hollywood portrays him as this musclebound hunk of a man. I think it was McGhee who pointed out that’s the last thing Samson was. People would have thought his strength came from within. He most likely would have been a very ordinary looking man, that way it would have been obvious his strength came from God.

Listening to these pastors on the radio off and on for 5 decades has been interesting. They’ve taught me a lot. The ones I didn’t list were for a reason. Some no kidding have speech impediments. Not a good thing when you’re on the radio. One I can’t think of at the moment comes on late at night on 99.3 FM. He wheezes like an asthmatic. Another one Michael Yousef has this affectation where when he gets to what he thinks is an important point, he repeats it 3 different ways. Every timeā€¦.

One of the most interesting is really hit or miss: 1090 KAAY out of Little Rock. It can be really good, or really bad. And while the signal can be broadcast great distances, often atmospheric conditions make it impossible to pick up. Oh, and in the category of “What the hell were they thinking?“, you have 940 AM in Des Moines for at least 25 years, instead of finding a Christian program around noon to fill a spot, they run an infomercial. Dr. Michael Pinkus selling his magic jellyfish oil pills. The same commercial, day after day after day….

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