When you needed a wicked witch, Margaret Hamilton was your go to gal. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the WWW. There’s a scene early on where she pops in to say, “Okay, who the hell killed my sister?” Then when she leaves there’s this big old poof of green smoke! Glinda the Good Witch says, “Whew! The smell of burning sulfur!” In The Graduate the young (okay he was 30) Ben Braddock is told the future is, “Plastics!” Kind of, but in order to make plastics, you have to burn sulfur.

In my early morning diatribe to Grassley, Ernst and Feenstra (my reps), reprinted below, I point out to them the most obvious failings of our country at the current moment. A lot of it comes down to the fact America doesn’t make anything anymore. We assemble some products here, but we don’t “make” them. Like the My Pillow guy, he assembles his pillows in Minnesota. He doesn’t make the foam they’re filled with, or the fabric he covers them with. He gets that from China. His people just sew the parts together.

This subject has bothered the hell out of me ever since Nike left for the Far East in about ’82. You think, “Oh they just left to skirt labor costs.” Partially, but swear to God I just heard after 40 years the main reason. Government bureaucrats at the EPA in the late 70’s made the decree there would be no more sulfur emissions in the United States. That’s why manufacturing left. To satisfy the fucking greenies. Generally when you see something drastically out of kilter in this country, if you look deep enough, government actions will be at the bottom of it.

Post to Grassley, Ernst & Feenstra:

Our country has no border. How do you have a country without a border? What’s left of auto production in this country is slowed because we have no chips in the ‘computer age’. The national debt is $28T and will be over $30T as soon as latest stimulus is added to it. Savers haven’t been paid interest for 30 years because the government would be even more bankrupt if it had to pay interest on the national debt. China outpaces us militarily, not that we could go to war with them anyway, they make all our stuff. And now the Second Amendment has been stripped from Americans because we have no ammo. Do you think you’re doing a good job? I think we should replace Congress with A.I., frankly. I know you think your only job is to get reelected.

[Everyone of those issues is a result of no manufacturing base. Manufacturing was chased out of the U.S. which had great pollution controls, to China which has none.]

There’s a primary today

You’d never know it from listening to “news” radio WHO 1040 am, but there’s a primary today. I have no idea what the important issues or races are. The media today has no concept of conveying information. All they are concerned about is revenue. The only interesting race I was able to glean for today was Iowa’s 4th District (we used to have 7). Steve King against Randy Feenstra (above) and a gaggle of others. The others will split the vote enough so King slips in. Their 1%, 3%, 1% and 2% (7%) will be what Feenstra loses by. Democrats have the chance of a lifetime to switch parties for a day and take out King in June instead of losing to him in November, but they’re too stupid. So instead we’ll have King for another 20 years. If there’s enough “mo” to overthrow King I’d be surprised. And a lot of it will be because what used to be the ‘engine’ of conservative politics in Iowa, WHO radio, ran out of gas. Nobody knew about the race.

[The idiocy of party politics was thrust into my face in 2002 when Bill Salier ran to unseat ultra-liberal Tom Harkin. Salier first had to beat Representative Greg Ganske. You knew a conventional establishment candidate like Ganske would get wiped out in the general, and he did. In situations like that you need a guerilla candidate. Someone with charisma, momentum. But on primary night the party zombies turned out and pulled the establishment lever. That’s all they know. They’re just zombies. They don’t think. The only chance Feenstra has is the Blue Bloods are sick of King. The top has abandoned King, we’ll see if the base does.] (6/5/20 update: King lost.)

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