A bridge too far

World Net Daily had one of their red meat posts over the weekend designed to get conservatives foaming at the mouth. In this case it was a teacher Ryan Clark at a school in Grants Pass, Oregon felt himself called to be a preacher on his off time. 2 other teachers in the same district had also run afoul of the school board by making a video deemed anti-transgender by the powers that be.

I had simply made the comment after the article that Christians and cake bakers an awful lot of the time (as evidenced by the picture above) tend to treat homosexuality as a Super Sin that supersedes all others. In later years I began to question the Fred Phelps like nature of their selective outrage. You’d have thought I had proposed mandatory homo sexuality training nationwide.

I say this from the point of view that I generally do not receive any reaction to my social media posts. I first noticed it on Facebook during the 2016 presidential campaign. Some random commenter (spellcheck doesn’t like ‘commenter’ or ‘commentor’) could put “Go Trump!” and get 5,000 likes. I could put the most brilliant observation about the campaign or America in general and get nothing but crickets (kind of like here).

So to get the flood of comments (no ‘likes’ mind you) about my comment was somewhat shocking. Likely the most prevalent was how they went through reason or the bible to tell me homo sexuality was a sin and that I was crazy if I thought it wasn’t. I had never said it wasn’t, I had simply said why was it treated as a super sin trumping all others?

I had asked the question about the Colorado cake baker if he required a test to make sure whether all the other recipients of his cakes were pure enough to eat his cakes? I wanted to make sure there weren’t any alcoholics, adulterers or porn addicts eating his cakes. Because I didn’t know about them but that I wouldn’t pass any purity tests, that I was a sinner who needed forgiveness and that I wouldn’t be getting any cake at all if perfection was a requirement to eat it.

I just wanted to make sure we followed the edict, “Let he who is without sin eat the first cake!”

I just wanted to suggest the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Christians took themselves a little too seriously and could stand to lighten up a bit. I feared for my safety having crossed the Republican Taliban. They get wound pretty tight on these topics. Which is exactly why World Net Daily printed the article. Its all about stirring up the outrage to get clicks. Follow the money. But the idea that Christians should quit trying to make homosexuals out to be the worst sinners of all that should be subject to special condemnation, was just an intellectual ‘bridge too far’ for the WND crowd.

We are all sinners. I think Christians forget that sometimes.

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