“What time is it kids? Its tranny time!”

Man in a dress flashing his genitals to children

In this post on Gab, in the comments I had put up a picture of Anita Bryant (picture below), and said, “She said it would be like this.” A young woman in her 30’s asked, “Who is that?” I said, “Anita Bryant. She fought the culture war, alone, in 1978. She tried to warn people of the can of worms they were opening by giving special rights to homosexuals. As I remember, she received no help from male clergy of the day. She was soon marginalized when each time she held a press conference, one of the gay gestapo would throw a pie in her face. Cheered on by the intelligentsia. Now we have men dominating “women” sports, tranny’s flashing school kids in queer story time and 4 yr old’s getting sex changes.”

BRYANT, ANITA / MISS AMERICA / MISS OKLAHOMA.: UNKNOWN: Caption reads, Oklahoma entertainer Anita Bryant may not have won the 1959 Miss America title she tried for , but her career perhaps is greater because of it. Staff Photo by Jim Beckel. Original Photo 04/22/1984. Published on 0-4-23-84.
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