Free speech?

In an ultimate bit of irony, Milo’s free speech was banned by Twitter

Hoo dog! It has been an interesting ride surfing internet chat rooms (comment sections of websites). The latest one to kick me off is Western Journal. I can’t even remember all the ones who have banned me. Its not for George Carlin’s 7 Dirty Words list, its for Wrong Think. I don’t play the Democrat vs Republican game. In fact I don’t even get that worked up about Commie Crats, I figure they’re going to do what they’re going to do. If anything the ones that send me over the edge are RINOs, and websites that focus on style over substance.

I remember I didn’t last 1 day at the Des Moines Register’s site. What libs do is constantly “report” you and two things happen. 1.) Terms of service are written so vaguely that you can get anyone for anything at any given time if you want to. 2.) Moderators get tired of seeing your name so they deal with it by getting rid of you.

Its frustrating. I purposely sought out these alternative sites like WJ because I knew of the blatant censorship of conservatives at Twitter, YouTube and Facebook (I cannot believe I haven’t been kicked off Facebook yet). World Net Daily has the strictest speech code I’ve found. I used the term ‘retard’ to identify some group of politicians and they censored that! What’s the world coming to when you can’t call someone retard?

The Gateway Pundit got me this morning because I had pointed out in an article about Jennifer Rubin (Jew I assume) of WaPo fame, that Jews, homosexuals and Mexicans really don’t like Trump, and they censored that! Personally I can’t think of a bigger truism. But that is what public discourse has come to, the inability to say the truth.

It keeps coming back to Gab. You have a low-class group of people there, but by gawd you got free speech.

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