“Thomas Paine said that the biblical Jesus Christ NEVER existed! So why do Americans keep invoking religion in politics & government?”

“Interesting argument. Anybody who rejects JC self identifies as a moron of course, but its true our government was not intended as a theocracy. But yet it does operate as exactly that with the Religion of Humanism.”

There was an interesting little article on World Net Daily from Franklin Graham. His point was that the response we are seeing from government isn’t about a virus its about control. He said never in our history have we quarantined the healthy. He foresees government wanting to keep these totalitarian powers even after the current crisis.

The title of this post is a comment from an assumed atheist after the article. I of course put up the brilliant response. It wasn’t until I’d thought about it a little that I realized Franklin hadn’t “invoked religion” in the article at all. He simply focused on government overreach. But the commenter has a valid point in general about American politics. One side believing we’re a Christian nation and the other that there’s this shifting wall of separation of Church and State.

It happens all the time with Republicans. In Iowa one of the most prominent examples is radio personality and party delegate Tammara Scott. She regularly invokes God (!) while talking politics, one of the most obvious was when Bob Vander Platts ran for Governor. The religious right in the state thought sure if we could replace that scurvy knave Branstad with Bob, then we’d have a Christian Iowa by golly!

I don’t know if they envisioned religious teachings in the schools and a picture of Jesus on the wall behind the teacher, or what. That’s the battle: Are Christians to be invisible outside their home? Or are we to have the free exercise thereof? It mainly comes down to the schools. That’s where most people get lost. To explain to them that its government that should be removed from the schools is simply incomprehensible to them.

Prior to 1900 or so this problem was avoided as government was not in the schools. Then John Dewey singlehandedly destroyed America, in a slow motion fashion. Someone’s “values” are going to be taught to children, its just a matter of whose. Americans were not sophisticated enough to recognize the New Religion being taught.

But make no mistake, Humanism is a religion.

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