Not sure we’re from the same planet

So yesterday afternoon I’m coming home and I catch the opening intro of Haven Today on KPSZ Praise 940. They were running the typical ‘disclaimer’, “The views on this show do not necessarily represent those of the Des Moines Radio Group, management or its sponsors” (What’s going through my mind is you’re a Christian station and you’re running a disclaimer before a Jesus show? If these aren’t your views, what are?). Its Haven Today! Its one of the most Jesus centered programs to ever be on the radio. Its not like those ‘God is an ATM’ tongue-talking charlatan shows that you have on in the morning.

Or one of those “give us $25 so a holocaust surviving Jew can have Passover” scammers. Or “Dear Lord fill my bank account” Joyce Myers. Another one (either on Inspiration, TBN or TCT) is this guy who dresses up as a rabbi (Rabbi Kirt Schneider) running some scam on Christians. They don’t run a disclaimer before any of these jokers. They don’t run a disclaimer before supplement scammer Dr Michael Pinkus.

But they run a disclaimer before Haven Today. I wonder sometimes if they forget they’re a “Christian station”? [I guess where I was going with this is, “Why are all the charlatans on TV and radio? I’ve done other posts listing a dozen or so of the best, yet the ones they put on the air are the worst.]

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