Sometimes you got to ask yourself why?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

As a kid I was the epitome of gullibility, not no more. There are two things I don’t understand, the coverage of ‘AOC’ and the perception of her. The FOX News site today had the gazillionth article on her. Why? Why have you given this self avowed socialist millions of dollars in free press? She hasn’t served three years, why have you made her into the powerhouse she is? You haven’t done two articles on Marjorie Taylor Greene (picture below). She’s new to the House. She thinks exactly like Trump. Why haven’t you given her millions of dollars of free publicity?

The perception of AOC from the Republican base is another puzzler. For the most part they hate her. Generally they don’t make a personality the enemy. Some did with Hillary, and some did with Obama, but not like Democrats do. And especially like they did with Trump. The hatred the base feels towards AOC approaches the hatred Democrats feel towards Trump. They call her a socialist, she’s never claimed to be anything else. They call her “stupid”. She defeated an incumbent from her own party to become a Representative, is that something a stupid person accomplishes? She’s quickly become one of the most influential people in Washington, is that the sign of a retard?

And then you have Marjorie Taylor Greene The mirror image of the most popular Republican President in history, and virtually ignored by the conservative media.

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