“The financially troubled Post Office”

“You completely missed the boat about the Postal Service. You repeat the vague “financially troubled Post Office”, with no recognition of why they have ran a nearly $5 billion dollar deficit the past 14 years. In 2006 Congress required them to prepay 75 years into the future $5 billion a year into “future retiree healthcare”. That is prepaying for ‘retirees’ that aren’t even born yet. Why would they place this 75 year mandate that is not found anywhere else in government or civilian business? Because Congress wanted a cash cow. They wanted a pool of money they could drop an IOU into and take the cash, just like they do with SSA, Medicare and FERS. Absent that Congressional mandate, they are either flush or profitable the past 14 years.”

This was a response to the Federalist on Facebook. I would have put it on the Federalist website, but a couple of months ago Google told them if you ever want to show up on search results again, you are going to get rid of your comments section. So now the only way to comment on their articles, you have to do it on Facebook. Can you say censorship?

For the sake of brevity in my paragraph about Postal woes, I left out 1 key little tidbit. Democrats feign like they are for the Postal Service. Yet in all these bailouts the past 6 months where everybody and their uncle is getting money thrown at them, the one entity that isn’t is the Postal Service. Huh. Why is that? Both sides of Congress want to kill the Post Office.

The first reason is they want the 1 time influx of cash from the sale of delivery and sorting functions. That’s just a one time blip though, that they can’t profit from personally. What they really want, is the real estate the Postal Service has owned in really prime downtown locations for 200 years. That’s where they stand to profit personally. Snatching up the sale of the land, then turning back around and leasing it back. Its a shell game.

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