What if there had been no Ron Jeremy?

So I’m looking up on YouTube who sang the 70s classic, “More! More! More!” (1976), turns out it was a gal by the name of Andrea True who was also a 70s porn actress. What flashed into my head was a picture of the guy who epitomized 70s (and the next 3 decades) porn, Ron Jeremy. Voted #1 male porn actor by AVN (no idea). There was probably nothing dumber than 70s porn, though it didn’t seem that way at the time.

Debbie Does Dallas, Deepthroat…. on and on and on. There was nothing cool about it. For some reason the media liked to obsess about it. After awhile 1 face kept popping up, Jeremy. Over and over and over and over and over. The most prolific face (?) in porn. Like all film, his Russian Jewish pedigree helped. It would be interesting to know the workings of the industry. The connections with organized crime. The distribution, marketing, cast, crew, directors. Its said there’s not a colder more debased industry less interested in sex than pornography.

But as my title suggests, what if he had stayed as a teacher? What if he had never gotten into the business? How many other people wouldn’t have? How many lives wouldn’t have been ruined? Operating from a complete basis of ignorance, I’m lead to believe the sex industry exists because of drug abuse and child abuse of the women. And to some unexplored extent, the Devil.

But just going by the numbers, Jeremy’s role in the industry was huge. He made over 2,000 films. #2 John Holmes made just 384. It begs the question (as with the classic “What if Hitler had never existed?”) what if Ron Jeremy had never existed? The gut reaction is it wouldn’t have mattered an iota. Which is probably true. I just wonder. I can personally attest the 70s had the finest real women. Porn is a sickness, a disease on society. One of the biggest betrayals is when Congress had the opportunity to put all porn domains under ‘xxx’ instead of www, and didn’t do it. The implications of that is huge.

[Like with politicians that don’t fit the classic mode, handsome, well spoken, charismatic, neither did Jeremy. Short, balding, overweight. Go figure.]

Dwight McGhee – ‘fluff man’ (uncredited)
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