The Satanic symbolism is there

The red

People have been saying it for 20 years, or more. I thought they were ‘bible thumping wacko nuts’. Nope. Its there. Andrew Torba on Gab put up the perfect 2 minute clip from last nights show. The devil “falling” from heaven (the guy being lowered by the cables), the red eyes, being surrounded on the stage by his other fallen angels. Its there. If you can’t see it you aren’t looking. It plays out right in front of you on nationwide TV every year. You can’t get anymore blatant then that.

The analogy that keeps whacking me over the head is to the just passed presidential election. The phantom water main breaks. The suspended counting that continues as soon as the poll watchers go home. The 3 am delivery of boxes of ballots. Filled out only for the presidential race. Then you’re told that if you think there is anything wrong with any of that, you’re the one that’s nuts! They don’t even attempt to hide it anymore. That might be the scariest part of it.

[look at the picture above, the red ‘Devil’ surrounded by his fallen angels. “Satan’s fall from heaven w/ his fallen angels, and Abaddon/Abel, coming from out of the bottomless pit.”]

345 Park Ave
New York, NY 10154

(I don’t know why people are so stupid, I really don’t. Half the people are too blind to see what’s going on, the other half are too lazy to write the NFL. I’ll be the one that does. I am truly one in a million. But why? Why is everybody else so stupid? I don’t get it. Its absolutely no different then the people who keep voting Republican and thinking, “This time its going to be different!”)

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