If the military is in total disarray…

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Wouldn’t it make sense to look at the Secretary of Defense? If the debacle in Afghanistan has left thousands of American civilians behind enemy lines, who else are you going to blame than the military? And who is in charge of the military?

When America’s once proud military leaves people to die in a foreign country, I think its safe to say that military has hit bottom. And even if the person in that position (Secretary of Defense) is an affirmative action hire, he still has to go. You might be able to go ‘woke‘ in non-critical positions, but SOD and Vice-President are not those positions.

We always had the best military. For 200 years. We could kick anybodies ass. If we couldn’t beat you any other way we could always kill you. Not no more.

In this Breitbart article in the first photo they show American soldiers standing all serious in the grass around the tarmac “holding back” Afghan civilians. In the next photo they are sitting atop the plane. Its my thought that when people are sitting on top of a plane, your security has failed. Dramatically.

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