Its easy when there’s no consequences

SNL taking another potshot at Jesus last night, on Easter weekend no less. Oh how daring, how cutting edge (yawn). Christians aren’t going to cut your head off, are they? Nope. I’d like to see them make fun of Muslims during the middle of Ramadan. Let me know how that works out. Or make fun of Muslims anytime. You’re just not very cutting edge, are you SNL?

It reminds me years ago of what those clowns at the Ames Tribune did on Easter Sunday. They chose that weekend to have hell’s recruiter Hector Avalos write one of his anti-Jesus diatribes. That’s the last they heard of me of course. Back then they printed your address with LTE’s. Atheist Hector always used his ISU office address (he was a professor of religion, no irony). I always wondered, by using his university title and address, was he speaking for the university?

I even took that question to the “authorities”. Iowa’s AG, the ISU board of governors, the media, local pastors. No one was interested in the least that a state employee, openly and repeatedly and for no reason attacked a religion. Spewed venom at every chance towards the citizens of this state, the people who employed him. I always found that amazing. I tried to imagine him attacking Jews that way. Or Muslims. My imagination was insufficient for the task.

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