Oh ouch

This is Tommy Sotomayor boiled down to his essence. It good. He is so fun to listen to when he’s on a roll. Rubin actually shut up long enough to let him talk sometimes. This is from April of 2017.

What brought him to mind was a news story on FOX about black people fighting at the Waffle House in Atlanta. My gawd those are always an intriguing story, its the worst kind of click bait for me.

One time Jimmy ‘JJ’ Walker was on local radio in Des Moines promoting some book or event. The subject of comedy clubs came up and he was asked, “Well why isn’t there a black comedy club in Des Moines?”

He just said flat out no owner wants the hassle of having to bring in extra security and have his club busted up from all the fights. If the white host had said that he’d never work again.

And that’s exactly what Tommy does, blurt out the truth. Which is why YouTube and other platforms kick him off. He’s not reciting the company line, “We are victim”. One of his favorite bits is the “B-1000”, a play on the T1000 in Terminator.

He makes some really good points about it being the black bitch bringing down the brothers in the black community. That a lot of the dysfunction is single black mothers with their boatload of pathology’s raising generation after generation of dysfunctional black kids. And that does not sit well with Big Tech and our liberal cancel culture. Everything is supposed to be whitey’s fault.

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