He is stealing from the shareholders

CNBC hasn’t been on my TV for months, close to a year. I am quickly remembering why. They are too political. They are too elitist. And they worship at the Altar of Buffet. God that man is despicable. A good CEO is interested in making the shareholders rich, a benefit of that is making himself rich. Warren Buffet has made himself rich. Every year he flits in and out of the Richest Man in America spot. What does that tell you? Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t pay dividends. Except to Buffet. Get a clue.

Say Buffet is worth around $450 billion. What if he had been satisfied with around $50 billion net worth? What if that $400 billion had been plowed back into shareholder dividends? Can you even begin to imagine what that would have done to the price of shares? The idea of getting truly phenomenal returns? Berkshire Hathaway shares would have been in the stratosphere! He actually would have ended up richer if he’d done what was right.

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