We don’t have the stomach for it

“Oh no, there goes Tokyo!” – there were people down there, now they’re charcoal

So Friday night/Saturday morning I’m getting some incredible ‘skip’ in radio reception and I pick up San Antonio 1200 WOAI and the Jesse Kelly Show. It just happens to be at the point where he is explaining why America hasn’t won a war since WW II (this is 2 days after the fall of Afghanistan and Americans are tired of losing wars). Its right before I’m about to fall asleep and I’m thinking, “I got to remember his name and station call sign, this is great!”

So this morning I forget all about it until this evening. How I remember I have no idea. But his explanation of our military losing the past 75 years makes perfect sense. I know just enough of history to know what he’s saying is the God’s honest truth. We brought Germany and Japan to their knees. We broke them. We demanded and got unconditional surrender because we killed hundreds of thousands of them. Men, women, children, in really horrible and gruesome ways. We burned the shit out of their cities.

We burned Grandma and Grandpa. We burned mom and dad. We blew junior to pieces in all directions. Then we blew his sister to kingdom come. We blasted their dog Fido into a million pieces. We kicked the living snot out of them. Their soldiers, their sailors, their civilians, we beat them good. Japanese were being a little hesitant about surrendering after all that, so we nuked them. They were still thinking about it, so we nuked ’em again!

We lit ’em up like a Christmas tree. We turned Hiroshima and Nagasaki into charbroil. That’s how you win a war. I’d forgotten all that. The “fire bombing”. The very low prisoner rate for Japanese soldiers, we just shot ’em. Our soldiers were sick of their sneaky little Oriental booby trap shit so they just shot them. Damn right. The mother fuckers needed to die. And that’s what Jesse Kelly was explaining this morning on the radio.

The reason America hasn’t won a war since 1945 is because of our civilians. They ain’t got the stomach for it. A bunch a namby pamby goddamn sissy’s who ain’t got a clue what war is. And why the American public wasn’t too keen on getting into Europe’s wars. Until our leaders tricked them into it. First with the sinking of the Lusitania, and later with Pearl Harbor. People back then had a clue what war was and they didn’t want it. No sir, not one bit.

But when they got forced into it, they damn well knew what it took to finish it. And they were glad the generals did it. Better the goddamn Japs and the goddamn Krauts then us. We can’t even handle that language anymore, let alone seeing women and children blown to smithereens. We want to give our soldiers transgender surgery. We want to send women into combat. We want homo sexuals to feel comfortable in our army. We don’t have a fucking clue what war is and what it takes to win one. Total war or no war.

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