FOX News: “Mormons flee Mexico for U.S.”

After Mexican savages wiped out a Mormon family a lot of people are waking up to the fact Mexico is a shithole. Today there is a story of cartel members ambushing and killing 5 Mexican police. Yesterday another atrocity, and the day before that still another. Mexico was “formed” in 1826. It was, is, and always will be a shithole. A lot of people can’t accept that. A lot of people want to believe Mexican behavior is a one off and not the norm. Ha.

Its all pretty simple really. Up until 1492 (or so) North and South America shared the same gene pool. What we used to call “Indians”. They use that term today to identify persons in Latin America who keep traditional ways and use a dialect other than Spanish. Long story short, they were a collection of savages, some more violent, some less so.

The epitome of their depravity were the Aztecs. This hemisphere lived (died) in the true realization of “survival of the fittest”. All the tribes practiced their own form of sickness upon the tribes they conquered, the Aztecs simply ruled the most the longest. It wasn’t till the last 30 years or so the extent of their barbarism was made public. How long anthropologists have known is unclear.

Aztec culture was an extremely bloody one. Picture the most twisted serial killer of today, and imagine an entire culture organized to foster and further that sickness. An entire race of blood thirsty people lacking a God given conscience of the Holy Spirit. No one on their shoulder saying “Don’t do that.” They did it.

Speaking of God, much is made of Latin America today being a ‘Catholic culture’. Ha. They’re cultural Catholics for sure, not bible believing Christians. For many (most?) the teachings of the missionaries never really took. Maybe I’m being too harsh. Up until recently they did have one quality putting them far above U.S. culture, abortion was really taboo.

But whether you want to call the indigenous peoples of these 2 continents “Indians” or some other name, their shared gene pool had in common a really debilitating trait that is never talked about: alcoholism. Just as Irish and Norwegians also have this trait. From Alaska to Cape Horn the native populations are completely vulnerable to alcohol.

This aversion to “ripping off the scab” and really examining a sensitive subject is a modern phenomena. Sweeping it under the rug does no good. It just allows it to continue. Modern society simply functions as an enabler by doing so. The enabler is just as bad as the alcoholic. The patient won’t get better until he hits bottom and sees for himself the need for change.

America (the enabler) guarantees the patient will never get well, by forever being the pressure relief valve for Latin America by allowing illegal immigration. Most people are sheep, and when societal spark plugs are allowed to flee their corrupt society, rather than be forced to stay there and fight, nothing ever changes. They just go for a “geographic solution”. Just as the individual drunk does.

No one will ever read this, and it wouldn’t matter if they did. For some reason people are really stupid. Oh they’re much smarter than I navigating through life, yet completely incapable of understanding it. The United States formed the greatest culture in the world as a direct result of Christian Europeans. Latin American society on the other hand was organized by a bunch of drunk savages. Without constraints.

Some were nice people, but obviously the majority are wholly incapable of civilized behavior. Instead of cutting out the heart from their living captive and rolling them down the pyramid as the Aztecs did, they practice their modern barbarism through the heinous acts of the drug cartels. Gunpowder has replaced knives.

[And a video from 2012 that explains it all. Something the media will never tell you.]

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