Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Wants to Make More Christmas Movies Focused on LGBT Characters

Ha! I saw that Breitbart article this morning and had to laugh. As I brilliantly pointed out years ago, Hallmark doesn’t make Christmas movies! How do people not get this? Semantics? I just don’t get it, “square peg round hole” syndrome, who knows. All I know is that decorating fir trees, talking to Santa and drinking gallons of hot cocoa do not make a Christmas movie (the finer qualities of Lacey Chabert not withstanding).

You’ll see this problem with the use of language on the political pages I hangout on. Democracy vs Republic. It drives some people up the wall. I’m older and understand our society is doomed and there’s nothing you can do about people’s ignorance so let it go. Another misuse of language is referring to your Representative as “Congressman”. Congress is made up of 2 bodies, how can a person be in 2 bodies at once?

One of my all time favorites is the misuse of the words “free trade”. People will say that because Trump wants equality in trade between our nation and our trading partners, that he is somehow against free trade! For the life of me I don’t get it. These people are either stupid or evil, I’m not sure which. When one side has massive tariffs and the other does not, it defies all logic to call that free.

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