The Great Divide

That picture for me is the best representation of what I call “the great divide”. The rise of Him (Trump) has caused much consternation in many areas. Sports, Hollywood, families, even within the Republican Party! On the right side of the picture is Trumper Joe Kernen. On the left is Andrew Someone and Becky Whoever. Maybe in the previous groups I listed they are not known to be great thinkers, but business people are supposed to be clear eyed, unemotional thinkers.

Yet Becky and Andrew see the world completely differently from Joe. It all comes down to tariffs. Americans have been conditioned to shriek in horror and drawback at the mere mention of tariffs! When in actuality tariffs have not caused the world as we know it to end. The predicted price spikes just aren’t there. This is in just 3 years. Imagine how obvious it will be if Trump serves another 5? The majority prefers to spout meaningless clichés and have them stand for definitive argument.

They don’t like being challenged by real world testing. I think their business world view on tariffs as bad, coincides perfectly with their political position as liberals. Emotion based. Liberalism is not fact based. An example is how socialism has never worked as advertised anywhere in the world! Yet they are forever trying to make it so! In the same way leaving your markets wide open while your competitors erect tariff barriers, has never led to anything but economic ruin.

When properly applied, tariffs have never not worked.

History is rife with examples of improper tariffs. Farm commodities are a prime example. Sugar tariffs being one of the worst. Congress was simply placating sugar growers 100 years ago when they did it. There was no other reason to apply tariffs than growers wanted to jack up prices. That’s not a legitimate reason. Ditto for oranges, tomatoes, cotton or a host of other commodities. China, India and Brazil are the 3 large, highly tariffed nations. They are exactly the right reason to have equality in tariffs.

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