"I see…. I see a ship!"

Seeing the future is a tough thing. At the end of 2019 its easy to look back and say, “Well of course the stock market did this, this, and that!” Hindsight is 20/20! The trick is, what’s going to happen in 2020? The lines on a chart seem perfectly obvious once they’ve happened, the dips and rises make perfect sense. On CNBC the “experts” say we’re going to have another banner year. That makes me nervous. The experts, like me, are usually wrong. So 2 things call for a market crash: A.) The experts say it isn’t going to happen. B.) They want the ‘Trump economy’ to crash.

The powers that be do not want Donald Trump in office. And since the voters historically vote with their wallet, right now his reelection chances look real good. I know 2 years ago I read they plan to crash it in July 2020. We’ll know in about 7 months. Ah the future…

[The picture of Tina Louise is a reference to an early episode of Gilligan’s Island where the Professor had Ginger pretend to be the fortune teller ‘Madame Ginger’ and “see” a ship coming towards the island in her crystal ball in order to ‘buoy’ the spirits of the castaways.]

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