Its not rain …

… they are pissing on you. Trump has been doing this since spring of 2017. That’s evidently when they set the work visa levels for the country, in the spring for summer job levels and whatnot. I’m tired of it. I ain’t voting for him. He sold us out. I’ve been watching this a long time. When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA back in 1993 they sold it to us on the basis of “We don’t want those boring old manufacturing jobs, those are yesterday’s jobs, we want high tech!” So what happens when all we are left with is high tech jobs? They bring in graduates from India to work them! What the hell is that?? When do American workers ever make out? You’ve had open borders for 50 years flooding the labor pool with Mexicans, taking away the low-skill jobs, now you take away the high-skill jobs too?

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