Atmospheric pollution concept: CO2 formula

I can’t even remember the name, ‘Conference at Iron Lake’? (1964) The Bilderberg types saw that communism wasn’t sustainable as the existential threat to mankind to continually whip us into a frenzy for more control and more tax dollars, so they chose “environmentalism” as the new threat that would never end. The ultimate Boogeyman.

Think about that, the globe’s a big place, there will always be something to “fix”. Endless taxation and social engineering.

Enter the Environmentalism Class that suddenly became a class option in my 1972 junior high curriculum. (Another good “ism” is terrorism. Most of the ills in the world are identified by an ‘ism’, socialism, communism, humanism…) Should environmentalism ever fail as the catalyst du jour, they are prepping (with their DNA swapping experiments) to have an ‘alien’ ready to go as the Threat From Outer Space!

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