They didn’t help bake that bread

President Trump signs a “Phase 1” trade deal with China and all of a sudden all these naysayers come out of the woodwork (CNBC, New York Times, CNN) saying its a bad deal! It very likely could be, so what? You’ve done nothing. You haven’t tried. In fact it was in your financial interest to give away the store and you did. And now you’re going to criticize Trump for trying to correct it? You’re going to criticize Trump for calling attention to the problem and addressing it head on?

Steve Liesman epitomizes this mindset. He is so “make my head explode” irrational on China and the concept of fair trade that I can’t begin to understand how he could arrive at such an illogical conclusion. You know he’s not “stupid”. But how the hell… it just doesn’t make sense. Bake your own goddamn bread.

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