Hoo yah!

Excited chants of, “Old white guy! Old white guy!” spread across the land as Democrats celebrate getting Joe Biden for their presidential candidate! (for VP pick you gotta figure he’s going to recreate that old black magic and go with Cory Booker. “Spartacus!”) The celebrity journalists at CNN were doing synchronized cartwheels in their excitement.

To me it seems a little strange that in a country of 330,000,000 people that they would choose 77 year old creeper to represent them. Maybe its just me? The guy just told a voter yesterday that he was “full of shit”. He told a woman a couple of weeks ago she was an “ugly dog faced pony soldier”, whatever the hell that is. As it was the black voter in South Carolina that pulled his fat from the fire, I have to figure Biden will pick Cory Booker to be his running mate.

If not him then “damn near black” Kamala Harris. If not her then “gay is almost as good as black” Pete Buttigieg. If not him then how about “Cherokee is the new black!” Elizabeth Warren. But then a lot of times candidates love to choose someone that wasn’t even near being on the radar, a surprise pick. I think we can safely rule out Tom Steyer, unless he wants to secure the “we like to watch the paint dry” vote.

This country has gotten so strange I don’t begin to recognize it. On YouTube is a clip from the 80’s of Republican Ronald Reagan giving a speech at a birthday/roast for Democrat House Speaker Tip O’Neill. From all appearances those 2 had a functioning and convivial relationship. You got the feeling there was a certain understanding between the 2 that they had a job to do for the good of the country.

Not today. Speaker Pelosi rips up the Presidents SOTU address on camera for the whole world to see! Crazed lunatic leftists gun down Republican Representatives at a softball practice. Normally panty waisted liberals in Portland, Oregon turn into a violent street gang named Antifa, and the cops stand back and let them do their mayhem! Libraries across the country bring in unvetted sex offenders to do “Children’s Story Hour”! A 14 year old girl decides she’s a boy and has the male gym teacher supervise the locker room!

This is not the country I grew up in. I don’t know where it went, I don’t know who stole it, but its missing. Somebody put an APB out for America! This country is nearly gone, swallowed up by Mexico. Crazy, absolutely crazy. The one time “greatest nation in the world” swallowed up by a failed narco state. Well, not just them, I think Muslims will be fighting them for the rubble.

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