Lee Stafford & Jared Ellers

So I stop into my favorite lunch spot today Taco Casa (which means ‘Taco House’) and I eye a copy of the March ‘City View’. I had picked it up for the retrospective photo on the cover of girl’s basketball in Iowa, and yes there was a blurb about the Great Denise Long of Union Whitten. But there was also an article re-celebrating the closing of the Gortz Haus by the homosexual couple of Lee Stafford and Jared Ellers.

Funny thing about these articles, they always mention the Christian couple that was targeted by the homosexual activists, but they never give credit and a picture to the actual couple that stopped this Christian family from running their business. I pointed out to the author Randy Evans his oversight about not naming the couple, so I did it for him. Lee Stafford and Jared Ellers. They should be so proud they stopped religious freedom. They got their cake though, that’s the important thing (you don’t want to get between a gay person and their cake, I tell you what).

One of the primary reasons for founding this country was for religious freedom, but the gay gestapo put an end to that.

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