COVID was a scam

People died from something. I’m not denying that. How much was due to it and how much was due to their co-morbidity I don’t know. They’ve already said they learned from their ability to control the population during this, that it can be used to alleviate concerns about “global warming”by limiting and controlling the actions of people in the future. It is also finally gaining traction that the Wuhan Lab was working on a “gain of function” (getting the virus to pass to humans), why would they be doing that? Why did Fauci fund it? But their coupe de gracie was using the virus to promote the mail in ballot scam and steal the election from Trump for their commander in thief Biden.

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel (above). She comes across very well on TV. Should a seen her 40 years ago. No one is more open and knowledgeable about the threat we face from Islam. She lived it the first 20 years or so of her life in Lebanon. She knows the language, she knows the people, she knows the evil.

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